Banded Mongoose in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Filming Banded Mongoose in Uganda is an exceptional activity that dives one into an untold memorable experience. 

This activity is conducted in Queen Elizabeth National park found in western Uganda, done both in the morning and afternoon with the guidance of Uganda Banded Mongoose researchers who are based in the Park.

Banded Mongoose in queen elizabeth national park

Banded Mongoose in queen elizabeth national park

Filming the banded mongoose is done in the Mweya peninsular overlooking the Kazinga channel. The activity is limited to a group of 4 people accompanying researchers to areas that are off-limits to other tourists in the park. The visitors get to learn more about the animals including their behavior and other characteristics.

For filming, one requires to obtain filming permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority, process media cards, and permission from Uganda Media Council. You will also need to clear filming equipment with customs at the point of entry and exit in Uganda.

The best time for filming the banded mongoose is during the drier months of December to February and June to October.