Home to uniqueness in this province. Acholi land can be your one stop destination in Uganda. On top of the most experiential Araka raka dance, peculiar foodstuffs like okra, osobi, Kalo, nyoiya and several others, Acholi land has more for you visiting it. Vastly and magnificently beautiful hot spring. A natural geographic jewel in the Acholi land. Best spot to see the natural definition of the Pearl of Africa. The climax of araka raka dance. We explore the Amoropii hot springs of Acholi Land.

Amoropii hot springs


Amoropii hot springs are located few kilometers away from Panyimur fishing village of Nebbi District on the western shores of Lake Albert in the Northern Province of Uganda.  The locals constantly flock this Amoropii hot springs for healing because they have a perception and strong belief that this Amoropii hot springs have divine powers capable of performing miracles and thus are worshiped because they assume that gods of Amoropii reside at Amoropii hot spring.  Barren women, people with different ailments including those who want to bleach their skin bathe in this hot spring. Sacrifices of animals are made regularly by the locals to appease the gods of Amoropii.  Superstition has it that to visit the hot spring one requires clearance from the Prime Minister of the Panyimur Chiefdom to avoid getting misfortune.  The hot spring consists of a stream whose water gets heated when it flows through a pool on its way into the bushes away from a swamp. The crate like pool containing very hot water measures about two meters in diameter.

Amoropii hot springs


The whole secret behind the miraculously healing of the locals are the certain minerals contained in this Amoropii hot springs that work as medicine to locals. The listed minerals around the Amoropii hot springs include: sodium chloride, lithium sulphate, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride and calcium phosphate. The locals used to claim it’s the gods that heal them through such springs not knowing these minerals are key in treating various forms of illnesses effectively. The ones that boil their Obushera porridge from here hardly fall sick. There is a lot to hear from the locals as they praise this hot springs and we recommend you visit to see and hear by yourself. This could be an additional place to visit during this world tourism day break or before or after the celebrations at PECE stadium. Book and travel with Jewel safaris team in our top class vehicles. We can also avail the cars for hire for all kinds of the tourism lovers going to celebrate the world tourism Day with others in the world while ion Uganda at PECE stadium. Talk to us today.

Note the rules

Prior vising to the Amoropii Hot springs, there are some regulations that one MUST observe and the greatest of them all is that “one must first get blessings from the Prime Minister Nyipir Onen” or else….? Come with us to Amoropii this time and find out. And also for the ladies/ women who have ever given birth, if you visit this hot spring and have a bath prior clearance from the ones in charge, you instantly become barren. In case one fell sick and the ailments caused by the gods of Amoropii hot springs, the one only individual who can genuinely help is the Prime Minister of the Panyamur Chiefdom.  However, the only ailments cured by the Prime minister are the ones caused by the gods of Amoropii hot springs. In case of any question or you want to inquire, talk to us at Jewel safaris and we shall definitely respond to your needs.