Zanzibar Island Tours Tanzania

Zanzibar Island tours are perfect holidays for a weekend getaway, relaxation and honeymoon beach holidays. With several private tours, beach tours for couple, day trips and the beauty from the ocean backdrop, it is an ideal place to visit for a summer holiday.

The place is romantically and magnificently so beautiful no wonder Zanzibar got the lion’s (sultan’s) share of attention on the Zanzibar archipelago. Its old stone town pulsates with a mesmerizing mix of influences and it’s an easy ride between here and the island’s heavenly beaches.

Zanzibar is one of the biggest island in the East African coast comprising of two main islands namely Unguja and Pemba. Unguja is the largest about 1,464 sq km while Pemba is about 686 sq km. The name Zanzibar was derived from the Arabic words Zinj el bar which refers to the land of black people. The islands are part of Tanzania which is popular for great wildlife viewing in the vast national parks like Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater.

Zanzibar Island offers great sights from the white tropical sand beaches, spices, history and culture patterns. The capital of the island is the stone town, a place with very fascinating history. The Stone Town is the oldest part of Zanzibar built on 95 acres peninsular with 2,500 buildings constructed from coral stones lime and clay, where it derived the name stone town.

Zanzibar island

Zanzibar island

Best time of the Year for Zanzibar Island Tours

Wondering what the best time of the year to visit the scenic Zanzibar Island is? The best months of the year to visit Zanzibar is from June to October in the dry season months. The other months of the year with a short dry season are from December to February which is also good time to visit Zanzibar.

For Scuba diving in Zanzibar, the best time of the year is July and August and February and March. Diving off the north coast is particularly good from June to October and off the south coast between November and March.

From the time of mid-march to late May and November, it is especially the rainy season and not recommended for Zanzibar Island tours.

Zanzibar Island activities / what to do

Zanzibar island being a very scenic and beautiful place to relax and enjoy the ocean waves within the white sand, here are some of the activities one can get involved in or watch as they relax at the island;

At the Zanzibar island tours the most popular activities include the prison island trip using an engine wooded dhow rather combined with a spice tour or stone town tour, spice plantation tours, Dolphin tours to the southern beaches of Kizimkazi, walking culture tour at Jambian village. During the tour, there is walking along the narrow pathways and also shopping for different things if you wish to or get interested in anything.

With a lot of relaxation activities, one of the only encounters to see some wildlife on the island is by taking a visit to jozani forest which is home to the Red Colobus monkeys, known in the Swahili language as “Kima Punju”. The Jozani forest tour is a half day tour to the forest, about 45 minutes’ drive from the stone town. After reaching the forest, you will have briefing then go for a guided walk into the main forest with indigenous trees, medicinal trees and other plants of interest.

Fortify yourself for the day’s adventures with a fruit smoothie or a strong brew from the Zanzibar coffee house. Just like elsewhere, it’s good to have some cool fruity juice to activate the body giants to get ready to safeguard you from any attacks more so from hunger strikes prior the next meal time clocks in.

Take a walk through Darajani market in the morning, when everything is still fresh. This is the former slave market which is home to a lot of history.

Brace yourself for occasional whiffs of spices mixing with the stench of fish, the clamor of vendors hawking their wares, brightly coloured piles of fruits and vegetables and dozens of small shops selling everything from plastic tubs to auto spares.

Stop by Dhow countries music academy and arrange drumming lessons. Because it’s said that music is the only language that everyone listens and understands, you should join the experts in this and get the whole message in whatever kind of music made here be initiated and composed by you.

Visit the old slave market. The Anglican cathedral was built on the site of the old slave market alongside Creek Road. While nothing remains of it today, it remains a sobering reminder of the not-so-distant past.

For football lovers, if it’s the weekend, watch an afternoon local football game at Mnazi Mmoja Sporting Grounds. Zanzibar has passionate football fans, and watching a game is a good introduction to the island life.

Zoom across the width of the island to Pongwe Beach and spend the afternoon paddling in its luminously clear waters. The quiet arc of the beach is dotted with palm trees and backed by dense vegetation, offering such a unique experience.

Zanzibar just like any other African safari beach holiday means sundrenched shores, palm fringed beaches and glorious sunsets, and expect this experience during a getaway tour. Jewel Safaris is ready to help you go explore and uncover the memories rich fun filled experiential tour in the Zanzibar Island during any Tanzania safari.

After enjoying a great wildlife experience in Tanzania, East Africa offers another unique experience known as gorilla trekking. Tailor in a short gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda gorilla tour and have an encounter with the great mountain gorillas as they live in their natural habitats. For gorilla safaris, there are no migrations but however short movements within their habitat and therefore you will have to trek through the tropical jungles. Charter flights can be organized to connect the Tanzania tour to either Uganda or Rwanda in the shortest time possible for such memorable lifetime experiences.