Where are chimpanzees found in Uganda?

Uganda is one country in Africa with almost all primates that were created (or that exist) in the world. You could be having a question on your mind, “where are chimpanzee found in Uganda?” Well, to answer your question precisely, Uganda has numerous places where you can see the world’s closest human relatives.

Kibale National park

If one mentions the “10 national parks in Uganda’, kibale national park wouldn’t be missed out. It’s a small park found in the western part of Uganda covering 766sqkm.The Journey from the capital of Uganda to Kibale national park is 5hrs drive. It is characterized by ever green rain forest and montane forests. The Park was gazetted in 1932 and being governed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The best known destination for exploring the chimpanzees known as “our closest relatives “,kibale national park has 13 species of primates Uganda Mangabey, blue monkey,L’hoest monkeys, white colobus, black and white colobus, Uganda colobus among others.

Chimpanzee permit: While  booking a  chimpanzee safari, you book through the local tour operators or the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The chimpanzee permit is affordable to all primate lovers the, East African permit from 150.000-100000shs,foreign resident from 150- 100USD ,foreign resident 200-150USD and the traveler is advised to book and make the payment 2 months before the tracking date


  • The traveller is advised to book and make payment for Chimpanzee tracking permit not later than 2 months before the tracking date.
  • Please note that children (15 years and below) are not allowed to participate in any Chimpanzee experience. The traveler is advised to carry hiking shoes, camera, water bottle, rain jacket and binoculars for the chimpanzee tracking activity
  • The tourist can either do Chimpanzee habituation; where the visitors get to spend more time with the Chimps and this takes half a day. Or chimpanzee tracking; which involves following after the Chimps in the jungle as led by the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers

Please note that children of 15 years and below are not allowed to participate in any chimpanzee experience. The traveler is advised to carry a hiking shoes, camera, water bottle, rain jacket, binoculars.

The tourist can do either the chimpanzee habituation; were the chimps spend more time with visitors when feeding and interacting with them this takes half a day or chimpanzee tracking is involves following after the chimps as your led by the Uganda wildlife authority rangers.

Activities in Kibale National park.

Birding –During your primate safari ,the bird lovers will be more than excited to watch the different bird species all over the forest .It’s a home to over 356 bird species for example African pitta, eastern nictor,Yellow rumped tinker bird, blacked clapped pails,purple  breasted sun bird and many others.

Nature walk –Take a supernatural walk through the adventurous forest of kibale national park as you led by the local guides.

Bigodi tour –After your five hours drive from Kampala to fortportal ,have lunch then go to bigodi swamp area  known for many species like the vervet monkey ,red tailed money and many others .

Amabere ngayinamwiru activity; this is a cultural activity that can be a part of the kibale national park safari .Its involves visiting those ancient caves which are known for healing peoples’ diseases and solving chronic problems.

Queen Elizabeth national park

The park is located in the western part of Uganda covering over 1978 kilometers, it’s one the most visited destinations in Uganda. This will  always be remembered that the park was named after the visit of the Monarchy of England, Queen Elizabeth II, .Its was changing its original name  ‘Kazinga national park’.

The park is  silently  gifted with chimpanzees, if you still asking where are  chimpanzee found in Uganda: Queen Elizabeth national park is another place to consider. The Park has three sectors the kasenyi, ishasha,Kyambura sector .The only sector where the chimpanzees can be spotted is  kyambura sector. Enjoy  chimpanzee watching and habituation ; the best time to experience the chimpanzee is in the morning.

Chimpanze in kyambura gorge

Chimpanzee in kyambura gorge

Cost of chimpanzee permit.-The chimpanzee permit is affordable to all primate lovers because the Uganda wildlife authority has given a discount discount for all categories.

East African permit from 150.000-100000shs, foreign resident from 150- 100USD, foreign resident 200-150USD .

NB: The traveller is advised to book and make payment for their Chimp tracking permit(s) strictly not later than 2 months before the tracking date.

Queen Elizabeth national park has other activities like boat cruise, game drive, airballon all these can be accompanied on the chimpanzee primate tour.

Budongo forest

This forest is located in the east ward of Uganda the first part of  Murchison falls national park .Since Budongo forest is dwelling area for chimpanzee you can include chimpanzee trekking when planning a trip to Murchison falls national park .

Accommodations in Budongo

Of course your trip will be mighty and unforgettable  ,you will do good to book with a reliable lodge for example Budongo eco lodge, new court view hotel,  and many others.

Ngamba Island

This is home of over 49  chimpanzee orphans which are  governed by chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust for the past years since 1998 when it was founded.A visitor can choose to view the chimpanzees either in the morning or evening while feeding.During your visit at Ngamba island also you can also do activities like Sunset and sunrise cruise, birding. Ngamba is one of the nearest places to see chimpanzee when coming from the Entebbe international airport.

Uganda has many place where chimpanzee are found in Uganda as detailed above.Jewel safari is very willing to prepare  you a mighty safari of chimpanzee life in Uganda.

3 days chimpanzee tracking Murchison

4 days chimpanzee trekking

6 days Rwanda safari.