What to do in Tsavo national park?

Tsavo is a national park located in south-eastern of Kenya, established in 1948 with various wildlife’ lions, cheetah, and red elephant, lesser kudu, and waterbuck among others. The park lies east wards of Kilimanjaro and it was separated into two areas Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park. Tsavo is Kenya’s largest and oldest park covering 22,000 km² (13,671 miles). It’s a dwelling home of large herds of elephants . It’s recorded in history that the Tsavo was known to be a lion eater place because of the lions that ate men who constructed the Uganda-Kenya railway.

How to access the park?

Tsavo east and west can be accessed through different gates .Tsavo is accessed through Chyulu gate, Man Eaters Gate, Maktau, Mtito Gate. Tsavo East Sala Gate, Buchuma Gate, Manyani Gate, Voi Gate.

The unforgettable game drive

If your still looking for what to do in Tsavo national park, the unforgettable game drive is one of the experiences that make your safari great in Kenya. Generally, the Tsavo east is flat and Tsavo west is volcanic with springs and water holes. This classic African experience will give you a beautiful moment to view various wildlife like elephants, buffalo, hippos, rhinoceroses, leopard among others. On the Tsavo safari you can either do the morning game drive and view predators  going back to rest under the Savannah grassland or evening game drive which is so amazing because it gives a true African experience due the numerous leopard preparing to have prey as their dinner.

Tsavo East National park.


The area is known to be an ideal place for birding, during your safari experience in Tsavo national park the bird lovers can have a wonderful encounter because the area harbors over 500 bird species. The presence of birds in that park largely contributes to  the beauty of the safari ;Tsavo is among the greatest places for visitors to see birds like  , Somalia Ostrich, Martial Eagle, Anhinga rufa, African Finfot, Casmerodius albus, -Bellied parrot, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, Fischer’ starling, Golden Pitpit, Polemaetus bellicosus, Black-faced sangrouse, Rufous chatterer, Taita fiscal, Masai ostrich, Secretary bird, Vulturine guineafowl, Shelkley’s starling, Slender-tailed nightjar,Golden-breasted starling, Vultures, common bul bul, black Papyrus Gonolek, Lesser Kestrel, Red, Acrocephalus griseldis.If your still wondering what to do in Tsavo national park birding is one activity that can never be left out.

When to see birds in Tsavo national park?

Birds can be seen any time thought the year depending .Many birds stay in the park permanently; birding in Tsavo can be done in both rainy and dry season nothing can stop the bird lovers from fully getting satisfied .During rainy season many birds are known to be migrating in Tsavo national park .

Community Visit.

Many tourists come from all over the world not to only experience wildlife but also to do community visits. The local people surrounding Tsavo national park are basically Masai people who have never exchanged their culture to this modern world. Don’t miss out on the local experiences where visitors are entertained with folk songs, dances, dress code, foods among others.

Nature walks

This is among the top experienced activities in Tsavo national park. The nature walk in gives you an opportunity to climb up the poacher’s hill where you will view the entire world of Tsavo national park. The activity brings you  more closer to the wildlife as rangers provide special watch over to visitors .And why is called the guided walk because the visitor is given special instructions and nature guidelines on how to behave during the experience.

Attractions in Tsavo national park

Mudanda Rock-this is located at the heart of the park near mayani gate ,the mountain is a famous beautiful attraction cause it gives tourist a magical experience to clear view game drive while hiking .

Kaderi Swamp- The swamp is located in the Tsavo east and a source of water to lions and elephant that reside in the area.

River Galana-The River Galana is made up two waters Athi and Tsavo Rivers near River Glana, you can see beautiful places like Lugard falls and Crocodile point spot animals like leopards, hippos, didk diks, and elephants.

Yatta plateau-This is located in north of Galana in between two rivers between the two rivers of Tiva river and River Athi.

Aruba Dam –The dam was constructed by the Kenya authority, located near the Voi Gate and animals like lions, elephants, leopards use it as source of water to take away thirst.

Poacher’s hill-This is known as poacher’s spot point because it was anciently used by the poachers to view the game. At the hill you’re able to spot the whole world of Tsavo national park.


Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary.

Mzima Springs.

Crocodile point.

Tsavo national park has various eye catching tourist attractions to watch  during the safari .Believe that Jewel Safaris can give you the most outstanding safari experience not only in Kenya but also in Uganda.

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