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Top Things to Do and see in Uganda

What to see and do on Safari to Uganda? With all the dozens of thoughts and choices on where to go in your mind? Is Uganda part of them as in Uganda the pearl of Africa? Where can you go and realize the value of the service you paid for. What to do and see in Uganda is so vast. Can Uganda be your favorite next travel point for thrilling experiences? Well, how about watching the hide and seek moments of some of the big cats like the king of the jungle in the process to tame the next meal at either Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, or Kidepo Valley National Park.

How about the best moments of thrills viewing human beings’ relatives the giant mountain gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or the best scenic moment at the primates’ capital; in Kibale Forest national park. How about doing moments-worthy water activities in the adrenaline capital of East Africa? Well, the choice is best for the traveler now but Uganda has got something for every traveler’s expectation in place and it is only you not around to venture.

There is the best of all it in the Pearl of Africa. You won’t be limited by the variety of the attractions here from culture, hospitable people, food, wildlife, and several others.

Location of Uganda as a Tourist Destination.

Uganda is found in the eastern part of Africa which is one of the members of the East African community. It is a land-locked country yet is home to the second-largest freshwater body in the world and largest in Africa. It is was also referred to by Sir Churchill as “the Pearl of Africa” that was mainly due to what he saw in the country and was beyond his imaginations and expectations.

The country is quite small but so rich in diverse attractions and blessedly gifted with touristic activities that will blend any tourist stay while on Uganda safari.

Well, a lot has and will always be said about this beautiful country and what counts is what your story is? If you want to write yours too, kindly contact us at Jewel safaris and let’s plan your trip and answer your questions.

While in Uganda, there is a vast number of activities that one cannot finish because even the citizens are yet to say I have enjoyed it all.

Go for a Gorilla trekking safari

Good things are always given attention to by many that is why this gorilla-tracking safari is the main motive for many travelers’ influx to Uganda. They are protected in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park found in the south western part of the country offering a wider range of habituated families in different regions like Rushaga, Nkuringo, Buhoma, and several others.

This activity began way back in 1993 after the Mubare gorilla family was announced ready for tracking and the second family group of gorillas called Habinyanja was also availed for tracking. Gorillas are one of the rarest and most intriguing apes and the fact that Uganda has their biggest population in the world makes gorilla trekking a must-do marveling activity at the unique gorillas in this once in a lifetime experience.

Explore the beautiful chaos that is Kampala


Busy, congested, sound, but the best city to be as per those who have been here before where they requested special training to navigate through Kampala’s streets because everything looks the same. At night, it’s a partygoers den. You can’t get tired of Kampala when you are a party-goers and those who know are aware of what happens here at the “the city that does not slumber or rest. While here, there are several best spots to visit for sightseeing like Gadhafi mosque, Bahai temple, national theater, Uganda museum, and so many others. We at Jewel Safaris Ltd shall keep your stay lively just contact us.

Meet the Karamojong

Just as Kidepo valley national park, is the same way this culture too, too untapped, still in its real form and amazingly best secret and inspiration to preserve culture., the land of the Karamojong in northeastern Uganda. The Karamojong live a very minimalist and fascinating life that hasn’t been adulterated by modern times. They are semi-nomadic herders who live for their cattle and women. Visit East Africa’s largest traditional village and sleep in a kraal as you watch the stars or “Manyata” for a full authentic African cultural experience. With their extended families fenced with a narrow entrance/ gate, the compound is too large and yet partitioned in the middle where a father, sons and other members also live in the same compound under one outbound fence made of local materials like logs, grass and several materials.

This is also the best area to have a moment of the car tyres made shoes which are durable and longest lasting than any other. You can also have time to dance through their cultural dances, purchase their unique appealing handmade crafts line bungles, scurfs, and many others. Don’t miss vising this great Karamoja. You can as well add a trip to Kidepo valley national park to this experience to have a scenic view, spot the Big cats here. is the best partner to travel with. Hit on our inbox and let the safari begin.

Dance and hunt with the Batwa

Batwa men

The minority marginalized tribe in Uganda characterized by their short pygmy structure, they are found in the southwestern part of the country Uganda near Bwindi impenetrable forest national park after being dislocated from their homesteads “the forests,” the Batwa are finding it too hard to adjust to the new era from the stone age one they are familiar with of not doing agriculture, no visit to health facilities, no working, and several other things done by other humans because they were used to use of herbs for medication, hunting and fruit gathering to get food,  and several others. Spending time with them is so unique exploring their cultural dances, visit the unreachable parts of the forests with them as guides since it was their home. And by the time you are done with these community members, you are all in smiles for the kind is experiences and memories stored just in a day. All these can be spiced up by gorilla trekking experience. And for any other inquiry to this community, kindly contact us at Jewel safaris ltd.

Discover the charm of an open-air Ugandan market

Ugandan markets are guaranteed to give you the real African market experience. Uganda’s markets such as Nakasero are big on fresh farmers’ produce. Word is, the Ugandan pineapple is the most delicious and her tomatoes are the juiciest in the region. Vendors also sell inexpensive second-hand clothes, shoes, books, beddings anything you want, you could get it at Owino Market which was once East Africa’s largest open market. Unfortunately, development is eroding it as a mall is steadily growing in its place. Everything in Uganda seems cheap when you visit these markets. Book with us at your trip and we promise to deliver.

Take a hike in the mountains

Hiking the Rwenzori - Bakonzo Lake Bunyonyi - Hiking

Uganda is gifted with a magnificent topography that is manifested in picturesque mountains all around the country. Summit the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains in the southwest, Elgon in the east, Mt. Moroto, Napak, and Kadam in the north. Each mountain offers a unique hike trail giving travelers an advantage to actively enjoy nature. There are over 20 mountains in Uganda. So if you are good at hiking, come ready. what to do and see in Uganda is all at your disposal. Book your safari today.

Track Chimpanzees

Though spread all over the different parks, there is one best spot to find this wise primate and that best spot is the primates’ capital found in Kibale forest National Park, located in western Uganda. Not only will one see only the chimpanzees here but also other primates like vervet monkey, potto’s monkeys, baboons, and several others inclusive of the smallest nocturnal animal. Come watch them swing from tree to tree.

Go, explore adrenaline city of Jinja

Lake Victoria

While in East Africa for any African safari and the urge for adrenaline activities hits hard, look no further than the adrenaline capital which is Jinja. From white water rafting, bungee jumping, boat cruises, kayaking, quad biking, horse riding, and several other water activities are found here. Feel like the true explorer that you are! We are ready to help you explore this capital just contact us at Jewel Safaris Ltd. And have an evening sunset as you explore the real source of the Nile River. 

Go for a safari drive through the numerous game parks

Arusha national park • Queen Elizabeth National park - Uganda's National Parks

Uganda is home to the best 10 parks in the region with each endowed with diverse attraction from birds species, plant life, wild animal species and so many several others which are all managed by Uganda wildlife authority.

These parks offer activities like game drives, boat cruises, bird watching, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee and other primates trekking at Kibale national park, and several other activities. Lions and other cats or big 5 ca be seen at Park like Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo valley National Park named third best national park in Africa by CNN and climbing lions at Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth national park. With over 1000 bird species, Uganda is unrivaled on the continent as a bird lover’s destination. We 10 parks here include: Bwindi impenetrable forest national park the home to the mountain gorillas, Kibale national park- the primates capital, Queen Elizabeth national park, kidepo valley national park- the most endowed, Lake Mburo national park, Semuliki national park, Rwenzori mountains national park and several others.

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