What is the best way to experience Lake Mburo National park ?

This is a true home for animals like zebras, kobs, leopards, impala, warthog and 370 bird species .Lake Mburo national park is in the western part of Uganda in Kiruhura district .It was gazetted in 1933 later was updated to a game reserve 1963 and covers 260km.The area largely surrounded by the Bayankole tribe who introduced cattle grazing in the area and still   rare cattle up to date. What is the best way to experience Lake Mburo National park;

Nature Walk

This is one activity that sparks out among other activities .The nature walk is one best way to experience Lake Mburo National park due to the unique historical stories told during the walk for example Mburo was name from a man who had a brother called kigarama who both lived in the Valley. Kigarama had a dream that floods where coming and warned his brother Mburo but he didn’t listen; later the dream came to pass kigarama migrated to the hills and left his brother .Therefore the park was named after Kigarama’s brother called Mburo.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers will guide thought the whole world of Lake Mburo National park and view the fourteen lakes of the park .Under the instruction of the local guides, you can also do eland tracking during the walk.

Boat cruise

This is a life changing experience and dramatic event on the course because it takes you to the entire world of Mburo. During this boat cruise safari in Lake Mburo national park, a tourist is able to explore all the natural and beautiful scenery on waters. The cruise is between 9am and 2pm daily sailing for approximately 3 hours.  The activity allows you to view the different colorful birds like giant kingfisher, black headed, long toed lapwing, black billed barbet among others; large concretion of elephants, crocodiles and hippos floating on water. All seasons are favorable for a visitor to do the boat cruise especially during the dry season.


If you’re still wondering what is the best way to experience Lake Mburo National park no worries again because birding is the best way to explore Mburo. The park is greatly blessed with over 360 bird species for example black bellied, African wattled lawing, saddle billed stork Chubb’s & Carruther’s Cisticolas Cisticolas, Red-necked spurfowl, Pink-backed Pelicans Black-bellied Bustard, , Black-winged Bishop African-wattled Plover Rufous napped and Flappet larks, Rufous-chested Swallow  , the Lesser and Great Swamp Warblers, Black Crake, Common Squacco, Striated, Black-headed,  Herons, Great White and Wing-snapping among others.Rubanga Forests is an ideal place for spotting birds; the bird lovers will be fully satisfied during their birding safari in lake Mburo national park .

Game drive

The game drive can be done thought the year January-December. This is one the most unique and mighty activity among others due to memorable wildlife like zebras, warthogs, Buffalo, Impala, and bush buck.

Evening game drive-The evening game drive starts between 6:00-7:00pm and takes almost 2-3 hours. You will have a chance to see the leopard, bush babies hence having a memorable and supernatural time in Mburo safari.

Igongo Cultural centre

Apart from the wildlife and birding, Lake Mburo safari can also be packaged with cultural encounters. On your safari in Lake Mburo national park igongo cultural centre can also be visited .The Museum is 4 km away from sanga gate ,a home of historical background of the Ankole kingdom .This is collection of arts, photos, cultural information of the bayankole.During this cultural visit you will get to know the marriages, languages of the ankole people.

Cattle grazing experience

Since Lake Mburo national park has local people called Banyankole and Bahima who settled in the area having large numbers of cattle grazing around.  Cattle grazing experience gives the tourist a beautiful moment to interact with local people and find out more on the characteristics ankole long horned cattle. These long horned cattle have a local name called “inyambo”.

Fishing Safari

The fishing safari in Lake Mburo national park is very memorable and unique due to natural fresh waters.. Fishing is available in Lake Mburo and one is expected to bring their own fishing equipment to catch the biggest edible fish species like Nile perch, Tilapia, cat fish.

Bicycle tours

If you want to experience a charming bicycle tour come to Lake Mburo national park .On this bicycle tour you will vividly view the wildlife world of Mburo feeding for example zebras, eland, warthogs, kobs among others. You can choose to do it in a group, couple or just alone depending on what you want. Therefore bicycle tour can be the best way to experience Lake Mburo National park.

Lake Mburo national parks is the smallest park among all other national parks of Uganda and if your still wondering What is the best way to experience Lake Mburo National park Jewel safaris is here to prepare you desire the best experience.

Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling in Lake Mburo National Park

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