What is special in Nyerere National park?

It’s known to be the largest park in Tanzania; having four regions liwale district,Lindi district,Pwani region,Ruvuma region Morogoro region  covering over 30,893km2 .The park is two times Costa Rica and twice Belgium(Europe). The park is now running hydroelectric power.


The park was named after Frederick Selous in 1922 a great wildlife hunter who turned to a wild conservationist who died during the battle of Germanys .Later in November 2019 the government of Tanzania decided to develop tourism in Selous and the northern part will be called Nyerere in  honor of  president Julius Nyerere who was the first president of Tanzania. The park is now under the authority of Tanzania National Parks Authority .Mr. John Magufuli(late) ordered the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to begin the process of splitting the Selous Game Reserve into two wildlife sanctuaries.

The park has a river called Rufiji river Tanzania’s largest river hosting animals such as Crocodiles and hippopotamus. Also home to large concentration of Wildlife such as  lions, giraffes, African wolves, rhinos, hippos.

African elephants.

Special things to do

Wildlife viewing -The park gives a wide variety of wildlife viewing opportunities including the thrilling experience of a walking safari in the company of an armed ranger. The many waterways in the park provide a supernatural memorable setting for big game viewing and bird watching like Yellow billed stork, Thick billed, Rock Pratincoles, Racket-Tailed roller,Pel’s fishing, Pearl spotted owlet. During the game viewing you may have a chance to see animals like Zebras, ildebeests, giraffes, zebras, hippopotamuses, rhinos, antelopes, hyenas, African wolves.In addition to the game drives in specially designed safari vehicles which, combined nature walking safaris, you will have  an exciting and rich game viewing itinerary. The best time to visit is from June to October. During the long rains, between March and May,  parts of the park are temporarily not allowed for game drives due to poor accessibility.

Boat cruise -On your safari in Nyerere national park the boat cruise will be mighty due the magnificent view of animals like hippos, crocodiles and possibly other animals that come to take water. In addition enjoy the birds over 50 different species. A boat cruise will take 2hrs hours and can be done in the morning or in the afternoon. During after there is a greater chance of seeing crocodile due to high temperatures.Uganda also has areas to do a boat cruise such as Queen Elizabeth National park,Murchison falls national park .

When to visit

The best time to visit is in dry season June-October and since its sunny animals are easier to be spotted cause vegetation is low. The wet season in October –May  birds are many than usual number and the area is not easily accessible due to the season. Despite the fact that  season is rainny and vegetation is green  it becomes harder to see wildlife.

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