Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in the northeast of Tanzania close to Kenya border. It’s known to be the tallest mountain (5,859m) in Africa and largely visited by all types of tourists.Kilimanjaro mountain has three cones Shira, Kibo, Mawenzi; Kibo is the tallest of the three volcanic formation ,its  24 km (15 mi) wide at the Saddle Plateau altitude. While Shira and Mawenzi extinct, kibo is dormant though it would possibly erupt again .The mountain is known for its snow, the scientist say that after some years snow will disappear.


Mountain Kilimanjaro National park has rare animals like warthog,elephants,Mangoose,hyena,chameleons,cape buffaloes among others .On your climbing safari the wildlife view will make your tour complete.


The area gives a good time to bird lover’s ,Kilimanjaro national park has over 156 bird species such as African pitta,Narina,Malachite sun, White necked raven, Red winged ,Trumpeter hornbill among others.When you visit Tanzania to have memorable safari include mountain Kilimanjaro national park on your itinerary.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania.

The well-endowed conserved land is home to all what any ardent fun hunting travelers is seeking for while in Africa. Ngorongoro Conservation Area sited on an area of about 8292 sq.km in the Northern part of Tanzania approximately Arusha region in the Ngorongoro district. The conservation area is habitat to the endless list of wildlife, flora, plains and other aquatic animals. The wildebeests have access to this area too in specific months of the year. With its greatest jewel being the largest Ngorongoro crater at the conservation area offering the spectacular view, home to several wild animals and several others.

With highest chances of seeing the Big 5, (elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinoceros) the wildebeests the zebras and several other animal species. There are also several prehistoric, Stone Age sites like Olduvai Gorge and many others where the fossils, skulls were discovered that belonged to the early inhabitants of this area thousands of years ago.

Ngorongoro crater

Measuring about 300 square Kilometers and 20 Km across with about 600 metres deep is the un flooded world’s largest volcanic crater that is the major jewel of the former Serengeti national park conservation area of Ngorongoro conservation area. This area is covered with green vegetation cover, infiltrate with wild animals like zebras during dry season that adds value to the sights and sounds and sounds of the area all accumulating your experiences while on a safari here. Kindly contact us at www.jewelsafaris.com for any other inquiries and booking.

Wildlife viewing

You will spend the greatest moment viewing the big five :We are talking about lions, leopards, rhinos, hippos and elephants, with hyenas rarely seen but present too in the destination. There is more in this huge conservation area than what your expectations say.

Olduvai Gorge

The remains of fossils, human skulls and other archeological artifacts of the stone age period are found in this area that one can explore and learn a lot about the prehistorically information of the long ago early inhabitants of this are. It is amazingly interesting to know the past and pass on the knowledge to the new generation and those that were not present at Ngorongoro conservation area. There are several archeological sites her exclusive of the Olduvai gorge.

Masai cultural experience.

The dressing code of tying the a wrapper on their bodies, cultural dances, the pastoral lifestyle of keeping cattle is just one awesome activity that anyone would love to be part of since the best part in any safaris is when one gets to know the daily lifestyle of the local occupants in the area. There is a lot of authenticity in this culture that www.jewelsafaris.com is sure that you will enjoy exploring.


This great Serengeti National Park that generates its name from Siringet” literally meaning a land with endless plains is one of the finest Africa’s top home for most of wildlife, located in the great ss region of North Eastern Tanzania sits on an area of 30,000 square Kilometers made up of the numerous endless plains that are sitting in the East wing of the mighty African Rift valley, these that give room from most wildlife to multiply as per every season that passes by


Game drives:

this Serengeti plain offers the best African Safari game drive due to the different species and great number of wildlife that are habituated within this area creating a successful game drive as the tourist has a lot of game to spot while driving through the great green open vegetation grass lands of Serengeti.

Night game drives;

Serengeti National park has a great night game life experience with it offers to this esteem guests as the tourists are able to spot night game hurting when the carnivores hurt the most. It’s such an exciting experience to participate in.

Nature Walks.

The Serengeti plains are a wonderful place to carry out a simple nature walk through as your able to come up close to wildlife and get an amazing experience for the great fresh natural wild environment surrounding you.

Bird Watching;

it’s such a wonderful experience to encounter the great masters of the skies. Serengeti national park has an incredible number of over 54 birds of prey  such as the vulture, eagles, raptors these that spot and kill small rodents, rats amongst others, sunny birds that are beautiful to watch.

Hot air Balloon Safaris,

the Serengeti National Park offers an Arial safari viewing over all its greatly habituated number of games as the tourists can easily spot and view wildlife around the park and more so be able cover more ground and visit different areas of the park.

Wildebeest migration viewing:

The tourists can be able to view the great migration of wildebeest and zebra which is a popular and famous activity due to the stunning sight of watching 1.5 million wildebeests and 250,000 zebra racing and crossing plains-rivers in Serengeti. Then all this is stacked by the hungry gangs and prides of lions more so hyenas that lay traps and hunt down the wildebeests and zebras. More so being trapped by Nile crocodiles while swimming across the Serengeti Rivers.

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