Uganda’s wildlife is unrated on planet earth and incomparable to no destination elsewhere for the same cause Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa.  Well-endowed with several mountains like mountains of the moon (Mt Rwenzori), dotted with hills, ranges stretching to boundaries of other countries neighboring Uganda, beautiful landscape of valleys filled with swamps that are in turn covered with spectacular green swampy vegetation. The grassland vegetation being a grazing ground to wild herbivores like antelopes, zebras extra dotted with different acacia trees that give it a magnificent appearance.

Uganda is so gifted with forests rain forests like Kibale forest, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mabira forest and extra which are thick and ever green the whole year. The climate is hot, warm and cool alternating throughout the year the waterfalls blend Uganda’s appearance and put it to another level of beauty and amongst the many inclusive are Sipi falls “the romantic falls”, Murchison falls extra. The lakes that are sparklingly a venue for several fun filled activities amongst many is the second deepest in the world Lake Victoria. The rivers with the longest in the world river Nile having its source in Uganda what a gift to Uganda, the country has over 1010 bird species like ostriches at Kidepo valley National park and others spread over different destinations and of which over 500 are endemic to Uganda alone.

The tree and plants species here are just uniquely found in the Pearl of Africa. In the wild animals’ side, there is rich fauna in Uganda inclusive are the Big 5 (Lion, leopard, elephant, buffaloes and hippos), zebras, giraffes, elands, antelopes, kobs and many others. The numerous primates with which most of them Uganda has a half with the whole African continent and a lion’s share with the whole world. These primates include; chimpanzee, golden monkeys, mountain gorillas monkey families like white Colubus, vervet monkey, bush baby and so many others. All making up the pearl of Africa the best venue for any thrilling activities. The flora and Fauna are just awesome. Try the Pearl of Africa.

Wildlife Categories in Uganda

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2 Days Murchison falls wildlife safaris

An awesome 2 Days Murchison falls safaris offering a brief but rewarding Uganda safari. Check out the different wildlife and amazing scenery in the park

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3 Day Chimpanzee Encounter

This 3 day Ngamba chimpanzee encounter  trip to Uganda focuses on a visit to the chimpanzee sanctuary at Ngamba island in lake Victoria and feel the excitement in your Uganda chimpanzee safaris.

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3 Day Bwindi Wildlife Safaris

This 3 Day Uganda gorilla tour  offers the best short lived safaris in Uganda. Visit the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and get an experience Gorilla Trekking.

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4 Days Uganda gorilla safari 

This 4 Days Uganda gorilla safari takes you to most famous mountain Gorilla Park Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking.

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3 Days Queen Elizabeth park wildlife safaris

An amazing 3 days Queen Elizabeth park  wildlife safaris that will enable you to encounter different types of mammals in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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5 Day Bwindi Gorilla Trek

This 5 day Bwindi  gorilla trek and Queen Elizabeth park  safaris  itinerary covers most amazing tourism activities in  Uganda to mention Uganda gorilla tours gorilla trekking

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3 Day Murchison falls Safaris

The 3 Days Murchison falls safaris  is and interesting though short safari , that  sees you visit one of Uganda’s largest national park filled with multiple attractions

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6 Day Wildlife Safari

This  6 days Uganda chimpanzee and wildlife safari,  sees you  Kibale forest national park  for  chimpanzee trekking  and nature walk,  later proceed to Queen Elizabeth national park

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