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This 5 days Uganda birding safaris starts from Entebbe botanical gardens, through Mabamba swamps wetlands and then later to Lake Mburo national park. While at Entebbe UWEC and botanical garden, you will have a view of most of the bird species within Kampala, and in mabamba swamps you will be able to find the elusive shoe bill stock, the grey heron later you will proceed to Lake Mburo national park home to over 313 bird species.

Day 1: birding in Entebbe ( UWEC, botanical garden and lake Victoria gardens).
Early in the morning have breakfast and proceed to the Uganda wildlife education center (UWEC) formerly known as the zoo. UWEC has numerous bird species with the recorded number being 170.
While there you will able to view 5 species of fly catchers , crested shrike flycatcher, swamp fly catcher, red bellied etc., view also the 10 species of weaver birds such as the rare northern masked weaver bird, lead colored golden, golden backed, African paradise, black necked waver bird, grosbeak weaver bird and many more. Other birds’ species include the small banded eagle, African fish eagle, shika, gabar goshawk, African goshawk. You also visit the botanical garden for another bird watching experience retire for lunch as you relax and unwind later in the evening, you will head back to your place of accommodation/hotel for dinners and a night stay.

5 days birding uganda birding safari

Day 2: Birding in mabamba swamps.
Early in the morning after breakfast on the second day of your 5 Days Uganda birding safaris, your driver will pick and drive you to nabugabo close to the mabamba swamps, that contains the largest number of elusive shoe bills stock upon reaching there, you will be briefed about the movements and later your will get into a canoe to the swamps while there will be able to see species such as the black headed heron papyrus gonalek, squacco, African water rail, pygmy goose, yellow billed duck ,white face whistling duck, allens gallinule, black crake, African jacana etc. later in board the vehicle and return to Kampala but while on your way you will make stop over at swamp and view other bird species like the papyrus gonalek, yellow crowned bishop weyns weaver and many more. Proceed to Kampala and arrive in the evening for dinner and an overnight stay at your hotel.

5 days uganda birding safaris

Day 3: Lake Mburo birding experience.
Early in the morning after breakfast on the third day of your 5 Days Uganda birding safaris, your driver will pick you and drive to west wards to Lake Mburo national park you will have a stopover at the equator statue at along masaka for brief photos and proceed west wards upon reaching mburo you will enter through Nshara gate be in position to see the crested francolin, green wood hoopoe, spot –flanked barbet northern black tit, common scimitar bill, trilling cisticola, greater blue eared starling , brown parrot and so many more. You will later retire for lunch at a restaurant within the park. Later in after lunch you will embark on an afternoon game drive in the park in the long zebra track and you will be able to encounter species like temmricks, African wattled plover, rufous, napped rufous, chested swallow, black bellied bustard, rufous napped rufous. You will be able to look at the leopard and other nocturnal you will return for dinner and an overnight stay at your lodge.

birding at lake mburo
Day 4: Birding at Lake Mburo.
Have an early morning breakfast and you will take a nature walk in the savanna and meet several species of birds. Later return to the lodge for lunch make preparations for the evening game drive within the kigambira loop. In the game drive you will meet the fly catchers, red face barbet, red headed lovebird, green capped eramomela later in the evening you will return to lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5: return to Kampala.
Early in the morning on the last day of your 5 Days Uganda birding safaris, you will have a game drive along the lake shores there you will be able to see the papyrus gonalek, greater and lesser swamp warbler, the elusive shoe bill , papyrus yellow warbler , blue headed coucal . as you advance lake side camping ground, you will also meet the African water rail, African darter, African fin foot, spur winged plovers and many more. Get back your lodge for breakfast and later head for a boat cruise looking for hippos, crocodiles. Return to your lodge pick your bags and drive back to Kampala on your way you will stop over in masaka town for lunch and after lunch proceed to Kampala.
End of safari.

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