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Uganda Reptile Village

The Uganda Reptile Village

The Uganda Reptile Village is located off the Entebbe – Kampala highway in a centre called Abaita Ababiri. It was founded in 2003 by Mr. Kazibwe who owns and manages it. The reptile village aims at conservation and protection of different reptile species and it also educates on the importance of swamps, forests and water bodies.

Uganda Reptile Village
The Reptile Village

Today, it is enclosed in a fence and three large concrete structures standing in the middle as homes for the reptiles. The Reptile village is a habitat for over 50 reptile species. While visiting the reptile village, you get an opportunity to view various reptiles including snakes, chameleons, monitor lizards, tortoises, crocodiles, boom slangs, skinks Most of them have been rescued and offered safety at Uganda reptile village. 20 species of reptiles here are displayed on site. 

Snake species that can be seen here include; Mambas, Pythons, Cobras, Puff adders, Gabon viper, and many others. For any other information, kindly engage us at Jewel safaris for immediate responses. 

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