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Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park Kenya – “Theatre of the Wild” Activities

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya and sits on a land area of 13,747 square kilometers. Situated in a semi-arid area previously known as the Taru Desert it opened in April 1948 and is located near the town of Voi in the Taita-Taveta County of the former Coast Province.

Tsavo East National Park is divided into east and west sections by the A109 road and a railway. Named for the Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park, it borders the Chyulu Hills National Park and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo East National Park

This beautifully endowed game park is accessible at any time of the year, for it can be accessed by both Air and road transportation. The sight of dust-red elephants wallowing, rolling, and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of the palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images in Africa.

This, along with the 300 kilometers long Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world, make for an adventure unlike any other in the Tsavo East. Tsavo East Park forms the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to most of the larger mammals, vast herds of dust –red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo, crocodile, waterbucks, lesser Kudu, gerenuk, and the prolific birdlife features 500 recorded species.

Tourists’ activities and attractions in Tsavo East National park.

Game drives;

the tourists in Tsavo East Park Game drive are assured of a great successful wildlife viewing and amazing game photography as different wildlife is spotted along the game drive routes of the park whereby tourists can view the big five African mammals such as the red dusted African elephants, the hippopotamus schools, towers of giraffes, buffalos these grazing as the leopards hurting downing their prey.


Lugard falls;

Over 500 bird species have been recorded in Tsavo East Park, including ostriches, kestrels, buzzards, starlings, weaver birds, kingfishers, hornbills, secretary birds, and herons.

Lugard Falls, named after Frederick Lugard, is a series of white water rapids on the Galana River.

Aruba Dam;

Aruba Dam was built in 1952 across the Voi River. The reservoir created by the dam attracts many animals and water birds.

Yatta Plateau;

The Yatta Plateau, the world’s longest lava flow, runs along the western boundary of the park above the Athi River. Its 290 km length was formed by lava from Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain.

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