Tourist safari activities  in Queen Elizabeth National Park .

Queen Elizabeth national park –The Park is located in the west part of Uganda covering 1,978 sqkm and one of the  most visited parks among other parks.

The park was gazetted in 1954 and it was called kazinga national park but it was changed after the visit of the Queen of England II.The park has three sectors kasenyi sector, Kyambura sector, Ishasha sector, and the second largest park  among the 10 national parks.When you visit Uganda there many tourist safari activities in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Boat Cruise.

This is an activity that can never miss out on your safari plan during your trip in Queen Elizabeth National park. The Boat cruise will connect you to Lake Edward and Lake George then have a chance to experience the mature crocodiles, hippos floating on water and it lasts for 2hrs .Queen Elizabeth national park offers both private and public boat. The Uganda wildlife Authority is 30.000shs and the private is 35USD, the boat takes place twice aday in the morning and evening.

Game drive .

Game drive is one of the ways to appreciate  the tourist safari activities  in Queen Elizabeth national park with rich wildlife . The park is gifted with various animals’ elephants, leopards, lions, kobs, buffalos, warthogs, antelopes, and chimpanzee. After breakfast, embark for a  morning game drive and view the lions, leopard from hunting prey .The best time  for game viewing is in the evening and morning .Evening drive game gives you an opportunity to see the beautiful sunset known as sundown; leopards preparing to go for hunting. Different types of cars  recommended like 4X4 which can be a Van, small or an extended land cruiser. Also other cars can be used such as coasters for bigger groups, saloon cars.With game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park you will forever have memories in your mind.

African elephant in Queen Elizabeth National park

African elephant in Queen National Park

Chimpanzee tracking.

Chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth is exprienced in one of the sectors called the kyambura gorge . Kyambura gorge is characterised with thick rainforest. .A Visitor can either do the habituation were you spend more time with chimps feeding them and see them re-producing. The Uganda wildlife Authority rangers will lead you through the activity while following chimpanzee. Adventure the amazing chimpanzee commonly known as our closest relative.

Cost of chimpanzee permit.

The chimpanzee permit is affordable to all primate because the Uganda wildlife authority has given a discount from Dec 2020 up to june 2021,East African permit from 150.000-100000shs,foreign resident from 150- 100USD ,foreign resident 200-150USD and the traveller is advised to book and make the payment 2 months before the tracking date .

Please note the children 15 years and below are not allowed to participate in any chimpanzee experience.The traveller is advised to carry a hiking shoes, camera, water bottle, arain jacket, binoculars.

Nature Walk and birding

Birding –Queen Elizabeth national has a list of bird species and it”s known to be a great place to explore birding. The park is gifted with over 600 species namely; white winged warbler, papyrus canary, corncake lesser, white tailed lark, black bee eater. All around the year you can experience the birds not only in Queen Elizabeth national park but also other places like;

  • Mpanga forest
  • Lutembe bay wetland
  • Mabamba bay wetland
  • Kibale national park
  • Budogo forest.

The bird lovers are advised to carry their binoculars to clearly explore the birds closer.

Nature walk

Here you will go through different foot path of Queen Elizabeth national park as you’re led by the local guides of the area. The walk in Queen Elizabeth surely gives you a unique experience due to the clear observation of nature, wildlife, physical feature. You will closely see the wildlife grazing in the tall savannah grassland, for example warthogs, elephants, kobs, waterbuck, .Interact with different local community people have the view of the Rwenzori mountain which is commonly known as the mountains of the moon and the African tea leaves .As well you can have a walk at the ishasha river spot different species of birds and mammals on foot.

Cultural encounters

The park has great cultural history due to the unique people called the “bakonjo” who dwell in kasese. The local people entertain the visitors through the cultural dances, storytelling, dance, music and many more.

Salt mining

The mining has been going on for many years in Lake Katwe by the local people .Salt mining  tourist take a visit and see different methods of salt mining.

Tourist safari activities in Queen Elizabeth national park  have acttracted numerous travellers from all parts of the world .Jewel safari is privileged take you through all the Queen Elizabeth national park  safaris.

3 days Queen Elizabeth national park

2 days Queen Elizabeth national park