Save Murchison falls

Murchison falls National Park is incomplete without Murchison falls. Growing with elders mentored us a lot. They taught us what to give out and what to safeguard from harm.  This was so because that was ours and losing it had impacts. The same thing we learnt in childhood is what were are putting on place today. We need to save Murchison falls.

save Murchison Falls

The tourism stakeholders in Uganda like the private sector body arms like Association of Uganda tour operators, the Uganda safari guides association, Uganda tourism board, Uganda wildlife authority and several others were all amazed with an idea that was logically presented by one firm (names withheld) to put a dam in the most nature preserved waterfalls that has been regarded as the jewel of Africa. Despite the silence from the tourism gurus, this time they fiercely reacted to the selfish act that wanted to see the beautiful falls demolished.

save Murchison falls

Murchison falls that has been conserved for years is sighted in the middle of the largest, oldest and the most wildlife filled national park in Uganda. This jewel of Murchison falls cannot be destroyed by putting up of a dam. Many chants were heard saying “no dam needed at Murchison falls!!” the most hurting bit about this project is that  the many falls have been destroyed and let incomplete till of recent like Isimba dam, Bujagali, and several others. This seemed to the tourism fraternity as if these company’s coming up with projects to build dams just intend to destroy Uganda’s natural beauty. They wish to make it the least of the most treasured of all. The worst of all is that the government officials in charge too fall for these projects proposals so soon. At times they even do not consult with the tourism experts. The erecting of the dam project in this park is of great negative impacts. Murchison falls National Park in general is still suffering. Just as animals are getting familiarized with the heavy machinery, the trucks and several others clearing way to commence the drilling and exploration of oil from it, the dam project is brought in place.

Soon enough if the whole thing is not planned well, there will be no attraction left to show to the next generation if we maintain the rate of demolition of the natural set up. Recently, amazon forest also suffered the fire gut. No statement has been put out on the cause, no nothing to see the way to avert another fire of their kind.

Let’s conserve the nature today’s otherwise, we shall fail to eat the money we make if agricultural outputs decline, rains cease, oxygen is scarce and automatically water is no more since wear busy draining and reclaiming the wetlands for industrialization. Jewel safaris and other stakeholders both in Uganda and world over join hand s to save the beauty of nature. Let’s use them reasonably. We don’t need a dam at Murchison falls. Let’s save nature on this planet, let’s save Murchison falls.