New Gorilla in  Bwindi

We saw! I mean the new born baby gorilla. Jewel safaris went there to take the infant’s clothings just like other new babies born but unfortunately they were rejected. Seems Businza doesn’t need them.

You can also just visit her and console as well as congratulating a fellow madam. Feminine travellers where are you? Come and help fellow woman hehehe! Well great news is a new member has been to the Mountain gorillas’ families thus the statistical number has added by one.

An infant carried by the mum

Mubare, the oldest gorilla group to be habituated in the whole of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is located at Buhoma section received great news this month when a newborn gorilla, born to Businza, one of the female gorillas in the group on 16/10/2019 sighted the son.  The good news were announced publicly by Mr. Peter Mbwebwe, a warden for Uganda wildlife authority. He also added that “both the newborn and the mother are in good condition. We celebrate a newborn in Mubare group. Mother Businza and baby in good shape,” said Mr. Mbwebwe. The female gorilla that gave birth is called Businza.

Bwindi receives a new gorilla baby at Buhoma sector.

The legendary Mubare gorilla family was the first to be habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national park. The habituation commenced in1991 up to 1993 when it received its first tourists who conducted the first gorilla trekking safari after  they went through a successful habituation training process that lasted for 2 years.

Mubare mountain gorilla family group was named after the beautiful Mubare Hills where it was discovered. Apparently if you want to see the new born baby and track the members of this family group, you can contact us at Jewel safaris and we arrange the bookings properly to ensure that you track the exact group you intended to tack.

The addition of this latest baby gorilla means that the gorilla conservation success story is just getting better thanks to the efforts from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and other conservation partners and not forgetting you the travellers that have always paid off your safaris thus availing the resources that have assisted in the conservation process. T

o see the new born baby, you will need to get a mountain gorilla tracking permit that guarantees you to enter the park, have an encounter with the gorillas.

How passionate are you with new born babies? if you are just me who can’t settle till I hold a new angel in my hands, why not talk to us in our Jewel safaris inbox and we effect plans for you to visit Bwindi impenetrable national park where the new born infant and the mum are apparently but sad enough she won’t allow you to carry or touch her baby. We are ready to take you to meet with the new people.

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