For centuries, now Bwindi impenetrable national park is known for keeping mountain gorillas in Africa. The park is located in the south west of Uganda and was gazetted in 1942 later recognized in 1994 as world heritage site and Bwindi is a local Lukiga language meaning impenetrable. Uganda protects almost half of the world remaining gorillas in the world. The parks governs some sectors and their families for example Nshongi gorilla family ,Rushegura gorilla family ,Mishaya gorilla family,Bitukura gorilla family ,Nkuringo gorilla family,Oruzongo gorilla family ,Mubare gorilla family,Habinyanja gorilla family.If your still planning and thinking of how the safari would be there interesting things to do in bwindi impenetrable national park .


GORILLA TRACKING –This has been the most experienced activity in Bwindi impenetrable national park .The Uganda wildlife Authority Rangers makes it possible by leading the tourist to where the gorillas are last seen the previous day. A tourist can also do Gorilla habituation  when the gorillas get used to human presence.  Visitors will have a chance to feed, view and interact with the gorillas.

Gorilla ‘Baby Boom’ in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda

Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park

Facts about mountain gorillas

  • The mountain gorillas  always live in different groups ,each having its own leader who is the silverback .Each group consists of 10 members.
  • The gorillas have a life of 30-40 years.
  • The human beings share almost 98% DNA with gorillas. It’s believed that gorillas can be directly affected by humans if they have any illness.
  • The mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park are generally shy towards human presence.
  • The female gorilla is expected to give birth at the age of 10 years.
  • The gorillas are large in size 1.2-1.8 metres tall and weighing 70-187 kg

Community walks

Apart from gorilla experiences there also other interesting things to do in bwindi impenetrable national park .A community walk is very interesting because you have a chance to interact with local people  and be entertained with songs,bakiga language among others.

Lake Mutanda canoe.

This canoe experience is one rare interesting activity to be considered on your safari .You will have a memorable experience of viewing the coffee plantations and enjoy the fresh waters of Lake Mutanda

Bird watching

Bwindi impenetrable national park contains over 300-350 species of birds. Tourist will see birds like Kivu ground thrush, handsome spur fowl, Black bee eater, cinnamon chested bee eater, and Bar Tailed trogon. Our local guides will guide you thought the birding safari.

Batwa Cultural Experience –During this experience you will get to know the culture of local Batwa people, known as pygmies! They will perform local songs and dances. You will also meet the traditional healer who heals diseases and other problems.


There are several trails to hike onto in this region. Hiking is done during the gorilla habituation experience, gorilla trekking safari and when determined to reach to the top of water falls found at Rushaga region.

Hiking is usually done from the north of Bwindi to the south. Hiking time usually ranges from 5 to 9 hours or less. For those who need challenging hikes, take the Kashasha River Trail that takes about 5 hours. It involves steeper inclines especially if you take the Buhoma to Nkuringo route which is 600 meters up at the end of the trail.

Nature Walks

Take  beautiful walks through various trails in the forest. You can also reach to the river Bubale in the lower parts of the park, listen to sounds birds singing as you move through the forest around the lodge and have sights of other animal species present in the area. All these can both be locally arranged by the local tour operators.

There are six main nature trails for tourists who would want to explore the impenetrable forest. These include Muyanga waterfall walk, Rushura Hill walk, Muzubijiro Loop, the Ivi River walk, Buhoma-Nkuringo trail and the Habinyanja trail. These trails vary and offer different nature walk experiences with most of them starting from the Buhoma sector.

What could beat the experience of walking within a very natural environment through a jungle that is almost impenetrable and home to very many unique species. For those who would want to relax and have a great nature walk experience, do not hesitate to book gorilla safari  experience with jewel safari .

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