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The Rolex Festival

The Rolex Festival Kampala Uganda – Jewel Safaris

The Rolex Festival Kampala Uganda – Jewel Safaris – One of the biggest events in the city is said to be a no sleeping zone that celebrates one of the top delicacies in town and the world over. The Rolex.  All the arrangements are set for this year’s edition and if you have never attended one, don’t be left out today on this one episode because it is a combination of music, fashion, Nyama Choma, arts, and the main thing it’s self the Rolex.  You can’t attend this event and go back to your hotel, apartment, or home with the same mood you came in. it’s a turnaround of endless fun, eating, and dancing.

Rolex Festival Rolex Festival

Well, this festival happens yearly with locations and venues being changed from time to time because east years was at Uganda museum. This event is founded by miss tourism Busoga region miss Enid Mirembe. The festival is most popular for the main cause which is the Rolex delicacy made of chapattis, tomatoes, eggs rolled in together. There is a yummy part of it when these ingredients are all brought up together. The more the eggs the heavier the meal is.

How much is Rolex in Uganda

Rolex Festival Rolex Festival

Under normal circumstances, this delicacy costs about UShs 1500 equivalent to USD 0.41 in the streets and in hotels, it is charged differently but it’s within USD 1-3 country-wide.

When is the next Rolex event?

Rolex Festival Rolex Festival

Many are seriously attentive and eagerly waiting for when is the next festival that brings countless Rolex-making experts at one point with different kinds of Rolex like the Amalewa Rolex and so m many others. Well, the long-awaited event is happening this year again on 13/August at Kyadondo. This is when the event will be an entrance is just 5 USD  for adults and 2 USD  for kids.

Rolex Festival Rolex Festival

We cannot disappoint you if, at all you want this date to be fixed for you on your itinerary, we are ready to make our client have the best moments in Uganda. Enjoying Rolex listening and dancing to the amazing rhymes from the pearl of Africa. Moods on already? Kindly engage us in our inbox at and the arrangements to see you be part of this most attended event in Uganda commence as soon as now. We also recommend you avail time to see the richness of the Pearl of Africa wild wise. We at Jewel safaris await your inquiry and confirmation.

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