Rushaga region gorilla families.

Locally meaning honey. When going to track this gorilla group, expect experiences and memories as so sweet as honey. The once so vast Nshongi gorilla family by the time of its launch for tracking in 26/09/2009 comprised of 35 members in the group.

But however, some wrangles emerged in the family which led 10 members parting away from the family with the leadership of Silver-back Mishaya leaving the group with only 25 members.

This gorilla group got its name from the river called River Nshongi which flows around their natural habitat. The river had a deep colour that looks like honey.

It’s this colour the locals based on locally the honey is called Omushongi gwoboki and thus river being called Nshongi which the gorilla family group also got its name from Nshongi.

The habituation process of Nshongi gorilla family started in 2007 and later launched for tourists to track on 26th/ September, 2009 with a lot of fun fare and a lot celebrities attended the ceremony which led to formation of “Friend a Gorilla” program at that same time.

Found in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Rushaga region, Nshongi gorilla family members include Silver-back Nshongi (leader), Silver-back Kakono, Kutu, Tinfayo, Munywa, Bwire, Busasa, Matama and Bweza all are blackbacks, Shida, Bukojo, Nyampundu, and Munini all are adult females, Mucunguzi, Rurehuka, Mureba, Mahoro and Tindatine all are juveniles, Ninsiima, Mukiza, Katoono, Kazani, Rotary and Bwiruka all are infants in the family.

After continuous wrangles and other discomfort causing factors to several family group members, the Nshongi gorilla family group further splitted in 2012 with the formation of a new group in the Bwindi jungles known as “Bweza gorilla family.

Nshongi Gorilla group

Before this group was named Bweza, the Uganda wildlife Authority team expected these two splitted groups to unite but all failed as the enmity deepened as time passed.  And finally, the Bweza gorilla family group that broke away from Nshongi was confirmed independent in 2013 and you van track it any day from now.

The figures in the in these Gorilla families keep changing time after time due to a reasonable number of factors that arouse amongst the family members for example Death, break ups, winning a fight hence winning more family members, divorce, new born and many more factors.

The gorilla tracking permits go for as low as $700USD for the foreign people who’re not living within East Africa, $600USD for foreign residents living or working in East Africa and UShs, 250,000/= East African Community residents. T

hese tracking permits need to be booked earlier enough and this is where the Jewel safaris can come in.

There is also more to see in exclusion of the Nshongi family since it is strategically located at good vegetation surrounded by which facilities for providing Fauna as you enjoy sounds from singing birds, see different butterflies and watch a variety of primates