Lightening kills gorillas with pregnant gorilla.

With a sad note, East Africa mourns the tragic loss of the four mountain gorillas ’ species. They were struck down by lightening at the Uganda-Rwanda Border at Mgahinga gorilla national park.

The endangered four mountain gorillas including pregnant female gorilla died after being struck by lightening” said one of the national park officials.

When gorilla trackers went to see, the three females, including one that was pregnant, and an infant, they found them dead with “gross lesions” on their bodies.

“It’s not something that happens often at all, it is a freak accident of nature,” Andrew Seguya, director of the Greater Virunga Trans boundary Collaboration, said. The results of the post-mortem examinations will be confirmed in two to three weeks’ time.

four mountain gorillas

Gorillas in Uganda

Origin of the four mountain gorillas

The dead four mountain gorillas that belonged to the Hirwa family of gorillas in Rwanda had crossed to Uganda and had been living at Mgahinga national park. Mgahinga gorilla national park is part of the Virunga massif which is shared by Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

“This was extremely sad,” Andrew Seguya, executive secretary of the GVTC, told the BBC.

“There are only 1000 mountain gorillas in the whole universe. And the sudden loss of 3 females at ones is a great loss because their capability to contribute to the gorillas quantities was immense.” Dr Seguya said.

He added that the 13 surviving members of the Hirwa family have been found and are feeding well. This is a great loss once again to the three countries where Miuntain gorillas are found of Uganda, Rwanda and Demcratic Republic of Congo.

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