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Ssese Islands Kalangala on Lake Victoria

Ssese Islands Kalangala on Lake Victoria : If you are on a journey to explore why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa, there is more secret in this Kalangala region of Ssese islands. These beautiful islands have the best secret that any traveler must find out and they form a piece of paradise surrounded by water in a landlocked country. Ssese Islands are found in Kalangala on Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world which is shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. They best-befitting beach paradise in a place with no sea, or ocean shore just cute to allow you to have prolonged memories while on Uganda Safaris.

 Attractions at Kalangala Ssese Islands

There are 84 altogether, full of sandy beaches, palms, exotic plants, flowers, and trees, surrounded by friendly and hospitable people all these giving you rationales to come and have a good time in Uganda at this place. Making the islands are the perfect holiday spot for relaxation. Not forgetting the perfect hot weather alternating hot and cold making beach life the best and you have a paradise. With its closer to the airport, you can choose to begin the good time in Uganda here or as well end it here. No worry if you’re time-limited here, just in a couple of hours of a ferry ride, you’re in the place. Ssese islands are found in the northwestern corner of Lake Victoria and they can be accessed by taking a ferry ride for few hours.

It can be accessed from Entebbe’s side or Masaka’s side after the Equator view and photography at a place called Kayabwe’s. For those on limited time of stay in Uganda, can also charter a flight to the islands for you. The Ssese islands are the best place to go you wind down relax and enjoy some peace and quiet before you go back to do more adventurous things like bungee jumping or head back home at the end of your trip. It happens to be quite close to Entebbe airport, so you can start your trip there or end it there.

Activities at Kalangala Ssese Islands

Besides having the beautiful sandy beaches, palms, exotic plants, and flowers that were talked about earlier, these islands have a tropical forest that harbors primates like monkeys and so many several species of wildlife inclusive are the Sitatunga Antelopes and exotic bird species. The Ssese islands are truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Visit the villages, interact with the surrounding local people, and get exposed to their way of living, and more other traits about them like their cultures and way of life.

Also while at Kalangala (Ssese islands) like boating either by paddling thyself on this great Lake Victoria, or do with a motorboat ride out on the lake but with the guide on board. And if you are a traveler that loves fishing and possibly catch the Huge Nile perch or tilapia and guess what if you catch, you are free to cook it yourself and share with your guide when ready or eat alone too.

Ssese Islands Kalangala on Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

You can’t be in Uganda and forget about the organic fruits because this place is a paradise, there is an abundance of fruits to all available to be enjoyed like; mangoes, bananas, papaya, watermelons, pineapples and not forgetting  jackfruit, which are organically nutritious and if you had ever tasted, you will agree with me but if it’s your first time, book a trip with and you will not regret visiting the African continent specifically Uganda ” The Pearl of Africa.’

The islands have a splendid scenic and intensively a very interesting view of the sun rising or setting over these islands that is breathtaking. They are not only a secret for Uganda but also considered one of the world’s best secret islands.

 Other sites here include;

  • Kihumuro Cave
  • Following in the footsteps of John Speke
  • Nightlife at the Ssese islands
  • Consider adding Ssese islands on an of your Uganda safari Tour to your travel bucket list as early as this year.

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