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Rwanda Gorilla Permit Cost

Rwanda Gorilla Permit Cost – Rwanda Gorilla Tours

This is one of the most important travel information for first-time travelers to Rwanda for gorilla trekking. Each Rwanda gorilla permit cost is US$1,500. A Rwanda gorilla permit is a document issued to any client who needs to go gorilla trekking. It is only after purchasing a gorilla permit that any person of 15 years and above can be allowed to trek gorillas in Rwanda. Each person has to present a Rwanda gorilla permit at the park headquarters to be allocated a desired or random gorilla family to trek.

Rwanda is part of the three Africa tour destinations that have mountain gorillas. The country is located in the central-eastern Africa region which makes seeing gorillas an activity that can be combined with different East Africa tours.  In Rwanda, mountain gorillas are found only in the Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans) which is part of the Virunga massif along with two other gorilla habitats. These are Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Virunga National Park in Uganda and Congo respectively.

The Rwanda gorilla permit is the highest of all the gorilla permits in Africa but is surely worth it. The cost of the Rwanda gorilla permit was doubled from US$ 750 in 2017 in a bid to promote conservation efforts for the mountain gorillas as well as make Rwanda tourism top-notch. Each tourist should make sure to book a gorilla permit in advance at least 3 months before the desired trekking date since they are in high demand and last-minute booking may bring disappointments.

Each person intending to trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda should be above the age of 15. After purchasing a gorilla permit, each individual is expected to report to the park headquarters in Kinigi on the morning of their trek. It is during this time that tourists undertake a briefing and are allocated a gorilla family to trek. Gorilla families are allocated randomly to every 8 individuals, however, in case a person has specific interests they can communicate to the park rangers such that the desired group can be allocated.

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

For those visiting Rwanda gorillas in 2020, gorilla trekking tour permits have been discounted to US$ 200 for Rwandans and East African citizens residing in Rwanda and US$ 500 for foreign residents. The Rwanda gorilla trekking permits for international tourists, however, haven’t been discounted and are still at US$ 1500. This promotional discount will be inclusive of the Covid-19 test cost that ends 31st December 2020.

How to book for a Rwanda Gorilla Permit

To purchase a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda, contact us or your preferred Rwanda gorilla safari company before the trip to make an early booking. When looking for a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda, be sure of when you are planning to travel and the gorilla tracking date since permits are allocated for specific dates.

To purchase the gorilla trekking permit, payment should be made at least three months before your gorilla tour.

The total cost of a gorilla trekking package in Rwanda will depend on the different factors alongside the cost of the permit. Depending on the number of days, a 2 days gorilla tour is cheaper than the 3 days Rwanda gorilla trek, however, it can be vice versa depending on the cost of accommodation as well as transportation.

Rwanda is a very convenient gorilla trekking destination with the country making it possible for tourists to have short trips as well as easily combine tours to other East African countries. With the Kigali International Airport being just a few hours’ drive from Volcanoes National Park East, East African trips including Kenya safaris or Tanzania wildlife safaris can be undertaken together with Rwanda gorilla trekking. 

For those interested in much cheaper gorilla permits, then opt for Uganda gorilla safaris with each permit at US$ 700 or Congo gorilla trekking safaris with a permit at US$ 400. The age limit and requirements for booking are the same just like those of Rwanda.

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