All went down at Lugogo cricket oval. Gates were wide open as early as 0800HRS. First early in the morning, the most anticipated 2019 edition of rolex festival happened on 18/08/2019 was blessed by an unusual little drizzle.  Many yearned and looked forward. They attended in huge numbers and they loved it.  The music, the drinks and the yummy rolex delicacy what a great combination that completed the event!

rolex festival rolex festival
Revelers being entertained by Ugandan artists Revelers being entertained by Ugandan artists

The rolex delicacy makers were fully present. As excited as they were to serve, set with their equipment, their number was big enough to let none complain of not being served. The rolex festival officials did a good recommendable job to gather the best rolex chefs from all corners of the country’s streets, restaurants, and hotels.

To ensure that fun did not end in tears, the security was proudly taken care of by the top security agencies in Uganda like Uganda police, UPDF (LDU). This saw no or meager complains of pick pocketing, theft or and any caliber of crimes before, during and after the event.

At about 1000HRS, the chants, the ululations, the aroma and the performances from the key top musicians like Feffe Busi and the remarkable Mcees in town overshadowed the fear of the dull weather yesterday amongst the revelers at the cricket oval made the rolex festival classy commenced. As usual there were a lot on sale like drinks, spirits, T-shirts with rolex writings that many went for to help them reminisce this event.

rolex festival rolex festival
A Chef making the delicacy(rolex) Chapati that is used to make the rolex

Rolex festivals was graced by several dignitaries who had enough of the rolex delicacy to enjoy. The out of the world inexplicable kind of the event that went down proved that Kampala residents really don’t slumber. Also, several radio and television presenters like Galaxy FM, Capital FM were present.

The best time arrived at the rolex festival. These were moments of free give away for the revelers by the sponsors of the events like coke cola. The games like shuffle games climaxed the mood of the energized already youth at the festival.

Definitely if you didn’t attend, there is an overflow of the indescribable moments you missed during this event that cannot be reversed. The only thing you got to cling on is watch the highlights that we shall update soon.

You did not miss it all. We shall have you updated for the next rolex festival dates come 2020. This one will be bigger, more exhilarating and above all more fulfilled. The love, the fun, the party and the food were all fully available to have your needs catered for, your dancing strokes exposed, and to help you get new friends too.

Lugogo cricket oval on Sunday was an atmosphere of the most remarkable exhilarated thrilling moments as the most rated rolex festival event gave it all to the rolex addicts.

rolex festival rolex festival
Ugandan Artist Sheebah Entertaining revelers Revelers taking selfies at the event

There were after party destinations afterwards like Guvnor Club, and several others. The more fun addicts went on for Gorilla tracking safari, chimpanzee trekking tour, wildlife seeing in different park like Bwindi impenetrable national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale national park. All they wanted was to maintain the glow of the weekend moments that they had accumulated from the rolex festival at Lugogo cricket oval.  You could have missed out on the rolex festival but rolex in Uganda is available whenever you want it. Gorilla trekking safaris are all ready for you though booking gorilla permits needs urgency. But it can be done any time of the year. For more, please contact us at Jewel safaris Limited.

Photo Credit: Rolex Festival (Facebook)