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Planning your Kenya safari is information in detail about what you need to know to prepare for your safari to Kenya.

When it comes to an African safari destination, Kenya is rated among the top incredible safari destinations on the continent. Kenya is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife including the Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration, birdlife and incredible beaches among others. 

As you are planning to visit Kenya for a safari, here is what you need to know


Areas in Kenya To Visit on a Safari 

Kenya as a safari destination offers a wide range of safari activities to fit in the interest of every traveler from bush to beach and relaxation to adventure, this beautiful country is divided into several safari regions including North, South, West and central regions which can explore during your safari. 

Most safaris in Kenya start from Nairobi city – the capital of Kenya and is found in the central region of the country. 

Visiting Northern Region Kenya for A Safari 

Exploring the hidden gems of the Northern Region of Kenya is an unforgettable Africa safari, the region comprises of many fascinating Kenya safari destinations including Samburu National Reserve, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Meru National Park and Laikipia, 

In Northern region of Kenya, the landscape becomes more arid and it is rugged and rocky. The Northern region offers a completely different feel to the lush, green plains of the rest of Kenya as it is generally drier and hotter.

Northern Region of Kenya offers a more off- the- beaten track experience and several activities through which you will enjoy the adventure, some of the popular safari activities to lookout for include 

  • Helicopter safaris over the fascinating landscape and to the slopes of Mount Kenya 
  • Camel safaris in the arid landscape of Samburu National Reserve 
  • Game drives in the semi-arid plains of Samburu National Reserve, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Meru National Park where you see a number of rhinos, Grevy’s Zebras, Bohor reedbucks, lesser Kudu, cheetahs, giraffe, elephants, lions, the Samburu specials Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa oryx among others. 
  • Visit the Samburu Warriors “Moran”, be entertained by their fascinating songs and energetic dances, take part in cattle rearing, milking and preparing of the Kraal among others. The Samburu people are nomadic pastoralists and they are similar to the Maasai people. 

Visiting Southern Region of Kenya for A Safari 

The Southern Safari Region of Kenya hosts some of the best wildlife destinations in Kenya as well as long sandy beaches of Diani making the area perfect for both relaxation and bush safaris. Safari parks found in this region include Amboseli National Park famous for large herds of elephants and a spectacular backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro the tallest mountain in Africa with its snow-capped summit, Chyulu Hills National Park, Tsavo East and West National Parks. 

From enjoying a safari adventure in the beautiful national parks, you can relax and discover the long white sandy beaches of Diani Beach ranked among the best seasides in the world. 

Southern Region of Kenya offers fascinating and memorable safari activities including 

  • Game viewing – this is the highlight Kenya safari activity in the Southern Region, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo national parks (Tsavo East and West) host a wide range of wildlife which you will enjoy watching and these include lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, elands among others. 
  • Hot air balloon safaris – flying over the savannah plains of Amboseli national park is a memorable experience to have offering aerial views of the park and spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and large herds of elephants.
  • Relax at Diani Beach –   

Visiting Western Region of Kenya for A Safari 

The Western Region of Kenya is the most famous safari destination in the country hosting Masai Mara National Reserve the most famous reserve in Africa and Kenya as well, Masai Mara National Reserve is the most thrilling wildlife destination to visit in Kenya loved for its magical rolling plains, the big Five and Great Wildebeest Migration – the world’s largest migration of land animals with over 2 million wildebeests and ten thousands of gazelles and elands. 

In addition to Wildebeest migration and the Big Five, Masai Mara National Reserve is home to abundant wildlife including giraffes, cheetahs, elands, hippos, Nile crocodiles, Aardvark, antelopes, bush bay, buck bucks among others. 

Masai Mara National Reserve which is the main destination in the western region of Kenya offer many fascinating safari activities such as 

  • Witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration – seeing the plains of Masai Mara filled with large herds of wildebeests totaling to 2 million and ten thousands of gazelles and zebras is a magical and unforgettable wildlife experience to enjoy. 
  • Game viewing Safaris – this is the highlight activity to do in the plains of Masai Mara and some of the animals to look for during the drives include lions, leopards, buffaloes, zebras, bushbucks, gazelles, wildebeests, cheetahs among others. 
  • Hot air balloon safaris – flying over the endless plains of Masai Mara is unforgettable experience to enjoy on a Kenya safari, enjoy eye’s view of various wildlife and the landscape dotted with acacia trees.  
  • Visiting the Masai people – the nomadic pastoralist people and one of the few tribes in Kenya and the world with cultures and traditions that have not been affected by technology and modernity.

Visiting Central Region of Kenya for A Safari 

The Central Region of Kenya hosts a number of fascinating national parks in the country including Nairobi National Park – the world’s only national park found within the limits of a capital city. The area also forms part of the Great Rift Valley with a number of lakes including Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementatita and Lake Naivasha hosting huge population of flamingoes, there is also Lake Nakuru National Park. 

The amazing destinations in the Central Region of Kenya offer a number fascinating safari activities such as 

  • Game viewing – Lake Nakuru National Park and Nairobi National Park are the best sites for game viewing in Central region, some of the animals to lookout for include leopards, lions, buffaloes, black and white rhinos, Rothschild giraffes, zebras among others. 
  • Bird watching – The soda lakes of Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita and Lake Naivasha host a huge population of birdlife include thousands of flamingoes found on the shores of the lake creating a pink plumage. 
  • Boat safaris – thrilling boat safaris are done on Lake Naivasha offering a visit to the Crescent Island. 

When is the Best Time to Go To Kenya 

Most of the wildlife parks in Kenya can be visited throughout the year, however the best time to visit is during the dry season from late June to October. This period coincides with the peak season in Kenya and the Great Migration. 

What makes this period to be the best time to visit Kenya is that the vegetation cover is thin and the animals congregate at the remaining watering holes making it easy to spot the animals. 

When is the Best time to See the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya? 

Every year, over 2 million wildebeests and thousands of gazelles and zebras migration from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, the migration can be seen crossing the Mara River before they reach the lush green grass plains of Masai Mara. 

The best time to witness the Great Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is between July to October. 

The cost of Kenya Safari 

 A price on a Kenya safari is determined by several factors as below 

  • The season (time of the year you go to Kenya for a safari) – Kenya experiences high season (July to October), Shoulder season (November to March) and Green Season (April and May). Prices are different basing on the time of the year you visit Kenya for a safari. In the high season the prices are high, in the shoulder season the prices are moderate and in the Green season the prices are a bit lower. 
  • Type of accommodation – the type of accommodation you intend to stay at during your Kenya safari determines the cost of your safari, there are three types of accommodations that is luxury – highly priced, midrange – moderate priced and budget – low cost. 
  • Type of transportation – the types of transportation to use while on a Kenya safari determines the cost of your safari, you can choose between driving or flying between destinations. Flying is relatively expensive as you have to use small aircrafts to get there. 

Kenya offers a number of thrilling and adventurous safari and adventure experiences to enjoy, send us your safari inquiry and we will help you plan the best Kenya safari adventure based on your interests and budget.

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