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Uganda Museum

The Uganda Museum is situated five kilometers away from the Kampala city centre on plot 5 kira road. When coming from Kampala, pass through wandegeya trading centre and by pass mulago hospital just before kamwokya town is a large sign post reading Uganda museum.  It displays and exhibits ethnological, natural-historical and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage. It was founded in 1908, after Governor George Wilson called for “all articles of interest” on Uganda to be procured to thrive in while on Uganda Safaris Tours

Among the collections in the Uganda Museum are playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry, archaeology and entomology.   The Uganda Museum is the oldest museum in East Africa and it was officially established by the British protectorate government in 1908 with ethnographic material. Its history goes back to 1902 when Governor George Wilson called for collection of objects of interest throughout the country to set up a museum.

Other houses include Acholi House, Lango House, the Alur House and Madi House from northern Uganda. The houses contain hunting and war tools used in the region.
Buganda House that represents people from the central region. The house has backcloth, drums, and baskets for Luwombo, hunting nets, wooden sandals (emikalabanda), and the Mweso game popular among the Baganda.
Outside the museum is the cultural village that depicts the different architectural plans and lifestyles of the different regions/cultures of Uganda. Some of the tribes represented include; Iteso, Baganda, Bagisu, Bacholi, Banyakole and other tribes. Assortments of traditional regalia are present for those who would like to experience the lifestyle of the traditional people. Baskets, gourds, milk pots, crockery and cutlery, are some of the items you will find here
The museum has an archaeology section with stone Age and Iron Age tools that were used millions of years ago.
The Uganda museum has several historical and cultural exhibits that are of interest. Therefore, book your Kampala city tour with Jewel Safaris and get to experience the history and culture of Uganda.

After being opened in 1908, Uganda’s biggest and oldest national museum is located currently at Kitante Hill. When it started in 1908, it was first set up in old Kampala at Fort Lugard and was later transferred to Makerere University in the side of the school of industrial and fine arts. After all these movements, it finally got a permanent structure or place in Kitante Hill in Kampala city still. Inside of this museum is filled with Uganda’s cultural heritage and is portioned with each richly availing the past, current, and future information for the travelers who visit this place since it’s a take back reminding place for the issues concerning the country’s past musically and other parts.

The partitioned areas include:

  • For the exhibits of traditional culture, archaeology, history, science, and natural history. It regularly presents performances of traditional music, are spread to different institutions like Makerere University’s main library with the general collection and also the largest in Uganda. Other institutions with specialized collections are; Albert Cook Library at Makerere Medical School, the Institute of Teacher Education, the Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo, and the Cabinet Office.

The outside part of the Museum showcases the Cultural village showcasing the different lifestyles of different tribes in the whole of Uganda represented like Iteso, Baganda, Bagisu, Bacholi, and other tribes.

The museum also exhibits distinct species of mammals like Long-horned buffalo and the Indian Elephant.

Traditional music section.

Uganda Museum
Uganda Museum

Most of the traditional musical instruments that produce a live performance for visitors are available at the Uganda museum.

Archaeology section

Stone Age and Iron Age are freely available for travelers to view the different stone tools that were used millions of years ago.

Transport and communication.

The 1st telephone model in East Africa was used for communication and the 7th car in Uganda in transport Independence pavilion of science and industry are also available for viewing at the museum.  Ethnology history availing history like the first printing press in Uganda also provides travelers with the touch of cultures and peoples’ way of life Paleontology with the fossils aged millions of years.

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