Nairobi National Park Kenya, Activities & Attractions

Nairobi National Park Located in the world’s only wildlife capital, Nairobi National Park is about 7km South of Nairobi city and it’s the

Nairobi National Park Kenya

Nairobi Park Kenya

most visited park due to its proximity to Nairobi city. It is the first Nairobi Park to be gazetted in Kenya on December 16, 1946, covering an area of 117.2 square kilometers and inhabiting over 100 mammal species and 400 migratory and endemic bird species.

The Nairobi Park is famous for the conservation of the endangered black rhinoceros making it the world’s densest concentration of these magnificent creatures (more than 50). It is also home to a wide variety of wildlife including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, buffalos, giraffes among others. Notable bird species include ostriches, blacksmith lapwing, black headed heron, and common moorhen among other varieties. 

The finest wildlife viewing time is during the dry season between June and September when a variety of wildlife can easily be seen around water holes although it is guaranteed that you can still visit the park any time of the year.

Some of attractions in the Nairobi National Park include

  • Nairobi Animal Orphanage
  • Impala Observation point
  • The ivory burning site monument

Main activities in the Nairobi National Park include

  • Game drive

Get up-close with nature during the game drive with encounters of spectacular varied animal species including the endangered black rhinos, herds of buffalos, towers of giraffes, prides of lions among others.

  • Bird-viewing

The park offers birding opportunities and holds up to 400 different migratory and endemic bird species. Migratory bird species enter the reserve between November and April making bird viewing possible all year round. Notable bird species are the black headed heron, Somali ostriches, blacksmith lapwing, and Somali bee eater among others.

  • Walking safaris

This safari is done along a raised wooden walkway allowing visitors to have an aerial view of the spectacular landscapes and animals of the park. This activity also prepares the mind of the visitors on what to expect in the reserve when they move closer to the animals during the game drives.   

Accommodation in the Nairobi National Park

 Options range from budget, midrange and high range covering all budgets. These include Ololo Safari Lodge, The Emakoko, Masai Lodge, Emara Hotel Ole Sereni, The Last Village Lodge, Nyati Hill Cottages, Osoita Lodge and Masai Authentic Experience Safaris.