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Muzinga Square Park Entebbe

Muzinga square park historical tourism site in Entebbe.

Uganda is so rich as far as historic events are concerned. They are really so vibrant and worthy a visit, see and take photos to reminisce on for all your future. Situated at Entebbe next to the Municipal council is a rich prehistoric structure of a canon the Muzinga Square Park.

 Today this canon is a historical tourist attraction in the Entebbe town. The Muzinga word means “Canon. At Entebbe which is the getaway point. Best The canon at Muzinga Square Park makes a huge representation of Entebbe and goes way beyond this.

It does feature as a recreational park too and a symbol of achievement with Entebbe town center. Muzinga means Canon in English. It proximity to the state house partly portrays its significance.

It is a great historic monument in Entebbe that carries so much value with it. With a lot of conflicting stories to ascertain to how this canon ended up here, we recommend you too to visit and have a great chance of hearing them.

Muzinga Square Park Muzinga Square Park

Location and history of Muzinga park in Uganda

The Muzinga Square Park is a recreational park (as well as a landmark) within the heart of Entebbe; and its strategic location near the State House lends credence to the importance of the Muzinga monument.

According to available “tourist information”, the Muzinga Square Park monument is the most historical tourist attraction in Entebbe. Found right adjacent to Entebbe Municipal Council, this historic canon was abandoned by Tanzanian troops after defeating President Idi Amin Dada.

When they tried to blow the municipal building, they were discouraged by gun-fire from the soon-to-be-defeated Ugandan troops and left the plan. They had to abandon their cannon too and it still stands to date.

Muzinga Square Park has now been turned into a tourism attraction, with big statutes of two soldiers built next to it as a way commemorate the occurrences of that day.

Another story says, this Muzinga or Canon is also said that it was abandoned by the Tanzanian troops when they were uprising on the former Ugandan president Idi Amin Dada. They had intended to bomb the Municipal council of Entebbe but the reaction of the Ugandan forces scared them and they feared they would defeat them and they abandoned it here.

Muzinga Square Park’s proximity to the Airport makes it easy to be accessed by tourists while on Ugandan safari. You can start your Ugandan safari upon arrival at the airport or end your Ugandan safari here while departing the country.

Entebbe town attractions.

Do not miss visiting and instantly take chances of recording history of being among the many that visited this popular site. This historic park also is of great significance to Uganda hence come and learn more in depth about its history. It is also one of the signs that celebrate the end of Amin’s dictatorship rule in Uganda.

Many of our Jewel safaris clients that have demanded and shown interest to visit the Muzinga Square Park have been always taken here either upon arrival or departure.

It’s now your turn to visit here too and get a full story of what happened here from the knowledgeable and experienced custodians and guides at this Square park.

  Visiting Muzinga Square Park is just helping us to close or end the safari but the main Uganda safari starts when you get closer to the Mountain gorillas in their natural home at Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national parks.

You Uganda safari can also be spiced by visiting the Virgin Kidepo valley national park, the Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and many more other destinations.

Also can go on your Uganda safari for  like the Kampala city tours, the cultural tours and so much more readily available destinations, sweet touristic activities in Uganda to be done that you won’t regret having done any.

We at Jewel safaris are more than ready to respond to your questions ad to confirm your bookings here. We are so ready to take you through the most beautiful pearl of African country natural side. What are you highly interested to visit in Uganda and we have it fixed?

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