Mt Elgon

Mt. Elgon National Park  


Male_Waterbuck_Mount_Elgon_National_ParkMount Elgon is a 4,321 meter high extinct volcano which in prehistoric times apparently, stood higher than Mount Kilimanjaro does today. Although the mountain straddles the Kenya border, its loftiest peak Wagagai lies within Uganda and is best ascended from the Ugandan side. Mt. Elgon is an important watershed area, and its slopes support a rich variety of high-altitude vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland studded with the other unusual vegetation such as the giant lobelia and groundsel plants.

Spectacular scenery is the main attraction for hikers on this relatively undemanding mountain. In terms of wildlife, there is a variety of forest monkeys and small antelopes, along with the always popular elephants and buffaloes. There are over 300 bird species within the Mount Elgin park boundaries, includes many species not recorded elsewhere in Uganda. Other attractions include ancient cave paintings close to the trailhead at Budadiri and many spectacular caves and hot springs within the crater.

Activities include day walks from Budadiri or within the Mt. Elgon Forest Exploration Centre; Hikes of four days or longer traverse the peaks. Well worth visiting is the lovely Sipi Falls which is just outside the park gates.




The Kapkwai Forest Exploration Center doubles as a budget accommodation and an educational facility.  Here there are Bandas, a student hostel and a campsite, where one can pitch ones tent for the night.  The Center is operated by the Mt. Elgon National Parkkapkwai itself.


The Kapkwai Forest Exploration Center is located 13 kilometers from Sipi Falls, inside the Mt. Elgon National Park itself.  Instructions to reach the Center can be obtained from the Park Rangers at the Gate.


  • Bandas, Student Hostel and Campsite for self-camping
  • Educational Centre with well-informed personnel about all aspects of Mt. Elgon National Park
  • Restaurant
  • Shop for consumables.


Moses Campsite is a family run accommodation right at Sipi Falls, with an excellent view of the falls.  Here there are Bandas and tents for the night.  In addition, self-camping with your own equipment is most welcome.   The restaurant prepares local food, all produce mosesgrown locally.  They also will shop for in the local markets if you prefer to prepare your own food.


Moses Campsite is located right at Sipi Falls.  It is situated on Sipi Falls Main Road in Kapchorwa.


  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Tent Rentals



SIPI RIVER LODGE is situated on a 17 acre plot of land that includes several caves, beautiful gardens and Kapsurur Falls, the second of the 3 Sipi waterfalls.  The accommodation is a number of bandas and cottages; all self-contained and comfortably furnished.  Theresipi river lodge

is a restaurant and bar as well as a lounge for the guests.


The Sipi River Lodge is located in Kapchorwa.  The GPS coordinates are:  1.20’18.14 N  & 34.22’57.93 E


  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Mountain Bikes for Rent
  • Laundry Service