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Masai Mara national reserve


Masai Mara national reserve is located in Kenya, in Narok city. Masai Mara was established in 1961 and it covers 1.510km. It is an area with preserved savannah wilderness in the southwest Kenya along the Tanzania boarder.

game drives in masai mara
game drives in masai mara

The greater Masai is made up of the Masai Mara national reserve, an unfenced reserve when animals are free to move but also consist of served conservancies, these pieces of land are privately owned by Masai families. The Masai Mara national reserve is one of the most visited and well known wild life conservation area in Africa.

Prices tend to be higher during the peak season which is normally when the great wildebeest migration happens as this attracts large numbers of visitors to Masai Mara making it more expensive to secure rooms due the high demand, the peak seasons run from July to October, the central and eastern region of the main reserve tend to see the most visitors because of their proximity to Nairobi lodges in these areas include Mara Simba lodge and keekorok lodge.

The western Mara triangle is more remote and harder to access but typically others reward game viewing. One of the rarest animals is black rhino, amongst the big five they were the rarest and it was believed that the reserve had 4 of the big 5, until the black rhinos were seen by the rangers at the reserve.

What Time is best for Masai Mara?

The dry cool season from July to October is the best to visit Masai mara. it is also the most costly season. Where there is no rain, the flow is less dense and the animals are easily seen and the insects as well are on low levels. The reserve is 270 km west of Nairobi, the road is notoriously bad and driving time is about 5 hours or more. However people fly to the park.

The Masai People; The Masai  people feed on meat, milk, fresh blood, hone y, and tree barks. They take both fresh milk and curded milk.

You are advised to wear and also pack casual, loose fitting and light weighted clothes. More preferably, pack khaki and forest green colored clothes since they are safari favoring and most recommended. Due to high elevation of the Masai people, malaria is very rear since the mosquitoes do not live at those elevations.


Game Drive Safari

This is an adventurous activity done through open roof safari vans or land cruiser then you enjoy they close view of the animals but observing the park regulations. During game drive in Masai Mara reserve, not only does the on have to spot animals but also take great pictures and videos.

Games drives occur throughout the year and they are arranged in areas with highest concentration of wildlife. Morning and afternoon game drive; they start at dawn this is 6 am in the morning when they animals out of the hides out to hunt. After the sun is out and hot, they head out to the river banks.

To quench their thirst and cool themselves. However, the cats go to hidden quite areas and relax and rest hence making it hard to spot them again.

Afternoon game drive; this drive starts at 2 pm to 6 pm, the best time to spot animals is at the river banks where they are quenching their thirst.

Evening time; this game drive start at 4 pm to 6; 30, most of the animals are out to hunt for prey and others are sunbathing especially the reptiles, kobs, and other animals that gaze in groups. The night game is done strictly under the guide and escort who are well trained and mostly they are paid extra fee to carry out night game drive.

The drive starts 6; 30 till dark time.  This time creates big opportunity to spot leopards, lions, and hyenas that are most active in the night as they hunt for their prey. You will be able to also see the nocturnal mammals and birds.

This night game drive is mostly enjoyed by the filmmakers, who want more of the nocturnal mammals in the park and also seeing the big cats hunt. During the game drive, you will be able to see lions, zebras, hippos, elephants, black rhinos, buffalo, gazelles, hartebeest, crocodiles and antelopes.

Nature Walk Safari

This is when you explore open savannah on foot. This activity reconnects you ton the spirit of adventure. Following  the footsteps of the ancient explorers and herdsmen on a once lifetime guided walking safari.

This activity is headed by an armed game ranger equipped with a gun using trails that are less used by predators. You enjoy a close look on the animals like elephants, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes and other animals grazing around the reserve.

This activity is mostly enjoyed by the researchers learning more about the different animals at the reserve, the behavior of the animals, relationship between the locals and the park. You can reach Mara River and witness the migration if you are in the right season visit.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

This hot air balloon safari is best done at time when the temperature, atmosphere, environment is more peaceful and you enjoy the magnificent birds’ eye view of the animals below. If you see lucky you can view the great migration. It is one of the experiences one should not miss and neither can forget.

It starts by shaking and sounding which scares most of their tourists, so most visitors are advised to close their eyes as the basket is being carried up to the air. You will take between 1 to 2 hours depending on the weather of the day. After landing down, certificates will be served to the participants as an indication of participation in air balloon activity.

Birding Safari

The reserve is termed as the birder’s paradise since it has over 500 species. The reserve hosts the largest bird on planet earth which is an ostrich also known as ostrich Masai.

Small birds can also be seen nesting on thickets of the escapement. It is through Masai Mara National Reserve that Kenya got an award after breaking the birding record as the only country in the world where you can see different bird species within 24 hours.

The reserve also hosts a lot of migratory birds annually between October and February that include Palearctic migrants, Swallos, tens, waders. Around June, Mara River is fully occupied with different kinds of birds that come to breed.

Common birds that can be seen include; yellow billed stork, egret, grey heron, ripples vulture, Egyptian vulture, tawny eagle among others since the list is big. These different bird species will make your birding experience amazing and memorable.

Viewing the Wildebeest Migration

This is an amazing adventure that everyone should look out for, the great migration is annual trekking of over 2 million animal’s including wildebeest and zebras crossing g the Serengeti of Tanzania and Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya.

The act starts between July and October for purpose of breeding and looking for green pastures, they later migrate back hence making this twice in a year activity. During this time you need to book a room at lodge around the area very early so that you enjoy the wildebeest migration.

Cultural Tours

No journey to the Masai Mara is complete with the memorable cultural experience. The Masai people are one of the few Africa’s most intriguing ethnic group.

They live together wildlife in Masai Mara. The locals have benefited as well as the visitors since they do a wide variety of activities in the same area. The Masai people have more than 50 cultural traditional houses that are surrounded by a number of herds of cattle.

They also have projects that make them benefit from the tourism sector through the tourists that visit the Maasai Mara national reserve. The people dance up and down, there is also the way of milking blood out of a cow among others that are showed casted ton tourists.

This has made them live a good sustainable life with clean environmental. This is one of the most active activity one should do when you visit the national reserve.  You can contact us if you are planning on touring Maasai Mara national park

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