Malka Mari National Park Kenya

Malka Mari National Park is a game park situated in along the Kenya-Ethiopia boarder line along River Daua which covers 1,500 square kilometers. Owed to its high concentration of wildlife, Malka Mari Park was gazetted in 1989 as a game park, The Park is located in the extreme northern region of the country within the Mandere plateau. The Malka Mari Park is general dry and hot. The park is greatly dominated by a scrubby and semi-Arid grassland. The River Daua is dominated by palms and riparian woodlands.

The major attractions of the Malka Mari National Park include Malka Mari fort, valleys and hills, culture, beautiful scenery for photographic activities and several others. These physical features provide beautiful and attractive scenery, a worthwhile experience for tourists and visitors. Perhaps Malka Mari National Park can be considered as the most remote national park in Kenya.

To access Malka Mari National Park can be extremely difficult as it is very far and remote, by road, tourists will need to get to isiolo, from Isioli to Moyale and from Moyale pass through the year and sat hills to Banissa where the parks airstrip is located. The other route passed through Majir and has got two main routes to reach there.

There are various tourists’ activities to be done at Malka Mari Park, some of which can be seen as below;

Malka Mari National ParkGame viewing; Malka Mari national park is blessed with various wildlife which include: Dik Diks, spotted hyenas, antelopes, zebras, genets and Nile crocodiles at the Daua River, gazelles, giraffes,

Cultural experience; Experience the unique African culture by visiting the people and acquire some unique hat made crafts to take back home for remembrance or to your loved one.

Hot air ballooning; For better spectacular views of wildlife tourists can opt for balloon safari this normally take place in the morning hours it’s rewarding as you see hyenas returning back to their dens after hurting it’s also a good opportunity for taking photos .

Guided Nature walks, Hiking, View crocodiles at the Daua River, Visit Malka Mari fort

And many other touristic activities.

For tourists looking for luxury and not interested in long rough journeys, they can visit the park by accessing it through Banissa airstrips or an airstrip situated within the park. The park can be visited throughout the year as it is semiarid dry with bushes that are not thick making it easy to view wildlife.

Feel free to visit this naturally good looking endowed Malka Mari Park with the best regional tour operator at Jewel safaris Ltd. Feel relaxed to contact us for any other inquiries and the safaris begins.Visitors should not worry about their stay at Malka Mari Park. The park hosts a prestigious and exclusive accommodation ranging from budget to upmarket/ luxury with amenities available include accessibility to wheelchair, shower or private bath, pets are allowed, air conditioning, exercise facility, handicap rooms, lounge, and business services.

In addition to the attractive scenery as well as a wide range of species of wild animals that Malka Mari National Park hosts is a good reason for tourist to make a point of visiting the place while in Kenya.