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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the great lakes in Africa :  the largest in Africa and the second largest lake after Lake Superior in North America. The lake which was locally called lake Ukerewe before John Hannington Speke named it Lake Victoria-after Queen Victoria is a harbour of natural beauty, the epitome of wonders, wildlife ranging from scenic mountains to islands, beaches, fishing boats, several bird species, and animal species. Other people call it Nnyaza Victoria. The lake is also home to the mighty internationally recognized river, Nile. The Victoria Nile is called River Nile in Egypt. The world’s largest tropical lake is made up of the world’s largest ecosystems. This is the heart of Uganda in summary. The lake is also known to many as the Pearl and Pride of Africa and this is due to the distance it covers in the different countries of Uganda while on Uganda Safaris ToursKenya, and Tanzania.

Lake Victoria stretches into three countries; UgandaKenya, and Tanzania. Lake Victoria gets its waters from the rain, though a few rivers pour water into it for example River Kagera. Only Victoria Nile outlets water from this lake and pours it to Egypt. With its vastness filled with dotted islands, reefs, 200+ fish species, and tropical highlands, Lake Victoria is a primary tourist attraction for those visiting Uganda. Make your booking via and we got your sorted visiting the heart of the Pearl of Africa and while on Uganda Tours, don’t miss out visiting this magnificently blessed and gifted lake.

Activities on Lake Victoria

Bird Watching

Lake Victoria has thousands of bird species making it a great one-stop destination for birding, with the most celebrated sites like Mabamba swamp for bird watching where birds like shoebill stork are easily seen.

Chimpanzee Island

This is like a rehabilitation site for chimpanzee, and treatments, feeding, and care for orphaned chimpanzees. The place is also used for sensitizing the public to have more care towards our immediate relatives. Get time and catch up with the chimps here. Book your trip today to the home of 49 chimpanzees. It’s a Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda and is a popular tourist destination.

Lake Victoria
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Beach life on Lake Victoria

Tourists will have enough to enjoy from the cultural and vibrant life of the local people to the amazing views of the lake features, several boats ranging from large ferries and transport barges to Ngalawa fishing boats and dugout canoes. This majestic lake has a great wetland surface that offers birdwatchers a wonderful expedition where they can observe the island fish eagles running a spectacular scene diving from high above into the lake water to catch their prey. Wildlife around Lake Victoria is naturally drawn here by the abundance of lush wetlands, water, and food.

Other Activities here;

  • Bird watching
  • Launch cruise
  • Fishing
  • Canoe rides
  • Camping on different islands,
  • Animal viewing at Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary
  • Picnics
  • Photography
  • Honeymoon retreats at destinations like pineapple bay and others. awaits you to book your trip and we explore this pride of Africa.

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