Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley National Park  

Kidepo Valley National Park is a vast wilderness park in the North East of Uganda.  The park is a huge tract of rugged savanna with adversity of wildlife, dominated by the 2.750 meter high Mount Morungole, and transected by the Kidepo and Narus Rivers.

Of the 77 mammal species in the park, 28 cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda.  Lions, Cheetahs, leopards, greater kudu, beisa oryx,can all be found among the various antelopes wandering the plains.  There are over 500 bird species in the park.  All this make it a very special place in East Africa; and because of its isolated location, there are few visitors. The Karamajong tribe, who live, in the most part, traditionally, add even more wonder to a Safari in Kidepo.

The rewarding Game Drives are the most attractive activity in Kidepo Valley National Park, but the Karamajong guided Nature and Community Walks are a close second.  In addition, many visitors avail themselves of the hiking trails up the mountain to explore some of the diverse vegetation and wildlife that is available.  Still others venture along River Kidepo to experience a natural sand river, with all its trimmings.  It goes without saying that Kidepo is a bird watcher’s paradise where ostrich the largest bird on earth is an often sighting.


Accommodation:  Accommodation is sparse in Kidepo, but there are places to pitch tents as well as a lodge for the less adventurous.





This remote simple Campsite is for self-camping only.  There is no restaurant or shops to purchase food, although with prior arrangements, the Camp personnel may provide provisions for you on request.  This facility is operated by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority.



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NGA’MORU WILDERNESS CAMP is on the border of the Kidepo Valley National Park, 4 kilometers from the Katarum Gate.  Here Cabanas or Safari Tents are available for your accommodation.  Accommodation is on a full-board basis; there are no restaurants other than the lodge in the area.



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This upscale accommodation is an oasis in this secluded section of Northern Uganda.  The spacious rooms all have verandas and sitting rooms.  The Lodge has a swimming pool.  Panoramic views are everywhere, and the lodge has tried to think of everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  It is the only luxury accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park.

The APOKA SAFARI LODGE is an oasis of comfort and convenience in the midst of this untamed wilderness setting.