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Kenyan coast is too hard not to love! The undisputed gem of the Kenya coast head archipelago is Lamu and her sister islands.

Lamu town is the most perfect example of a historical Swahili city in the world. A warren of rounded houses, airy courtyards shaded by palm streets, cafes serving steaming chapattis and cups of milky tea.

Lamu is also inhabited by women in rustling black full-length robes and men riding donkeys, all overlaid with an omnipresent smell of spice. Lamu is hard not to fall in love with because of its unrivaled designs and natural decorations make it top considered than the rest.

The Kenya coast archipelago is best accessed by spice boat. There is possibly no more romantic way to move from one destination to the next than this.

How to reach to the Kenyan archipelago.

Go to the old harbors of Mombasa and ask for the spice ships and you may be able to book passage to a boat bound for Zanzibar. Just watch for pirates!

Actually this is a rationale as to why you may should contact an experienced and knowledgeable Jewel safaris because surely, nothing spoils a vacation like being held hostage in a Somali fishing village by water pirates.

Breathtaking water cruises ion Kenya.

Kenyan coastal Archipelago side is historically rich and for many that have booked with us before can testify. re you seeking to start exploring the coast from Mombasa?

This is  where the many foreign rulers, traders and other different people with divergent rationales settled. The ones talked about here include: Portuguese, Indian, Persian and Arabs who used this port as their starting point for accessing East Africa.

History of the Kenyan coast

Surprisingly up-to-date,the many historically different braces are still in this Mombasa towns of the coast. Book a safari with Jewel safaris, Sit, tour and travel with us to the rich historical place in Africa.

The jumble of merchants and explorers helped create the ethnic mix of Mombasa’s population. Kenyan coast also houses many attractions like: the long stretch of Chinese-built concrete boxes, a mosque built by a nostalgic imam from Tunis matching with his North African home, series of souks, alleys and cobblestone walkways thick enough for a donkey to pass through. And dominating a greater part of the city are: Fort Jesus, a castle made of coral by colonizing Portuguese.

Female tourist feeling a breeze…

The adventure of the Kenya archipelago is unfortunately matched by over-development in the form of full-service Swahili-chic resorts. But the popular places like Diani Beach are fun to be.

Attraction places to be at the coastal Kenya.

The Colobus trust resembles a jungle playground, overhanging with vines and ropes, all a set piece and sanctuary for the adorable Angolan Black-and-White Colobus monkey.

Further south of Diani, Kaya Kinondo is the protected kaya or sacred forest, of the local Digo Mijikenda tribe. The forest once housed the Digo, and has been maintained in a virgin state as a centre of their religious and communal ceremonies.

Even the geographic nomenclature of the town or area is supremely romantic: it is divided into two halves, Zena (Beauteous) and Suudi (Fortunate), its 28 mitaa, or districts, bearing such distinctive names as Makadara (Eternal Destiny) and Kivudoni (Smelly Place).

Kenya’s coastal archipelago is desirably ideal for a weekend or short safari. The whole safari to this Kenyan coast can commence once you contact us at Jewel safaris for an itinerary draft and quotation.

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