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Beyond Kenya, Safaris take you to the most endowed country in the African continent. Best referred to us the home of champions. Incomparably, the land of magical Kenya is the true home of the magic. Kenya Safaris with Jewel safaris to this paradise of memories has always given our clients a wave of experiences that they failed to quantify. You could be the next one to travel with us so don’t hesitate to contact us once you read this.  

Kenya is another destination in East Africa for catching up on thrilling experiences based on the kind of spectacular attractions it has. Read through as we expose what you can do in the magical Kenya country. With glaciers flanking jagged equatorial peaks and sea breezes blowing along its tropical Indian Ocean shores, Kenya serves up more than sweeping savannahs and safari dreams.

Mt Kenya hiking experience in progress

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Cut by the majestic Great Rift Valley scar, Kenya’s landscape is varied and beautiful. The steaming depths of Hell’s gate national park offer rock climbers and cyclists the chance to rub shoulders with iconic wildlife. on the other hand, undulating and remote terrain elsewhere provides surreal settings for horseback and camel safaris. Kitesurfers have more than 1000km of coastline to play with, and mountaineers, mountain bikers, and trekkers will all be challenged by sacred Mountain Kenya.

If you really love fun adventures, then hold Jewel safaris’ hand as we move out to the wilderness for a full dosage of fun experiential safaris. Feel free to book with us another one after this one.

Kenya Holiday Tour Destinations

Rock Climbing

Much considered a harder climb than Everest, summiting Mountain Kenya is much more challenging than topping Kilimanjaro. For starters, trekkers have no chance of reaching Batian, the mountain’s lofty 5199m peak, which is the realm of experienced rock climbers – the push up the North Face route can last well over 12 hours, with technical pitches of 5.8 and 5.9.

The 25m Fischer’s Tower and volcanic gorge walls in Hell’s gate national park are rewarding challenges for those with less climbing experience, as is Tembo peak in Tsavo west national park.

Horseback & camel safaris

Camel ride amidst wildlife.

There is watching the great migration, and there is being part of it… Imagine galloping on horseback alongside streams of wildebeest as they move across the savannah?

Enabling you to be ‘one of the animals’, riding safaris provides an enthralling window into the  Masai Mara wildlife, Chyulu hills, and Laikipia plateau.

Multi-day camel safaris, on the other hand, afford more of a cultural experience, accessing the remote heartlands of the nomadic Samburu and Turkana peoples.

Kenya Adventure Safaris

You’ll learn about bush lore, botany, ornithology, and local customs. Truly Kenya safari experiences are incomparable.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Kenya is as much about what’s off the trail as on it. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in Hell’s Gate National Park, where zebras, giraffes, impalas, and buffaloes are all along for the ride. Large carnivores are very rare, though you may still be surprised how much space you’ll want to give the others – they seem much bigger from your bike seat than from a 4WD.

The rocky trails on Mt Kenya hold more of a physical challenge due to their vertiginous gradients, and here it’s the stunning landscape that takes center stage.

Caution this activity is so demanding thus you got to be physically strong to partake in this but nevertheless, there will be help and support team behind with the can.

African Safari Holidays

East Africa is still a virgin and seeks exploration. Kindly join the Jewel safaris exploration chariot and we reach far too where the rest failed to go. Contact us today and tick this activity off the travel bucket list for this year.

Trail running (with wildlife)

Kenya is famous for fast runners, and you might find out why during the Safaricom marathon a tough (and unfenced) course through the Lewa wildlife conservancy, where elephants, rhinos, zebras, and the odd lion are the spectators.

Although it’s not possible to reach the summit of Mt Kenya on foot, the mountain is still one of Africa’s greatest trekking destinations. Point Lenana (4985m), which looks dramatically over the (fast retreating) Lewis Glacier to Batian, is the primary goal.

Three routes, each taking several days, leading up to Lenana through challenging and varied terrain. And if you’ve come that far, go one mighty step further by taking on the spectacular Summit Circuit, a trail that encircles the mountain’s main peaks between 4300m and 4800m elevation.

Multi-day treks with culture at the core are also an incredible experience, such as following Maasai guides through the Loita Hills in the Mara region.

Fun Moments in Kenya safaris

Kite surfing

Fun activity in Kenya.

With offshore reefs protecting its warm waters, and consistent, reasonably strong winds, Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is ideal for kitesurfing.

Those with experience can wade off the white-sand beaches into the azure waters and let fly (literally), while learners can sign up at one of the schools located on Diani Beach south of Mombasa, or in Malindi on the North coast Classes start on the beach, and once you’ve got the hang of maneuvering the kite, it’s into the water for body dragging.

Scuba diving

For the fearless extreme fun lovers that are ready to dare do anything worthy to generate memories from diving and other water activities, Kenya’s coastal area has something unique for you.

Kenyan Experiential Safaris.

The coastal hubs of Mombasa and Malindi both boast magical marine national parks, offering superb diving for both beginners and experienced bubble blowers, with wildlife ranging from turtles and sharks to sea cucumbers and nudibranchs, via thousands of tropical fish and corals. Catch this experience earlier enough by contacting Jewel safaris today.

A great experience awaits you at the magical Kenya land Jewel safaris welcomes you to Kenya!

Here are some of our safari itineraries to Kenya Safaris

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