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Kazuri Beads & Pottery Centre.

Kazuri beads factory and pottery centre in Nairobi.

Kazuri beads and pottery centre is a one-stop shopping centre for ceramic products. Want an African look? Come and get it! The people here can give you that magical African look.

They are worth gifting your beloved ones with. The works here are magically done by a team of determined and well-trained personnel.

Kazuri in Swahili literally translates “small and beautiful.” Each and every beautiful ceramic bead is shaped by hand by the women employed at Kazuri beads workshop.

The beads are kiln-fired, glazed and then fired again before being put on the market for sale. Kazuri Beads and Pottery Centre is named after Karen Blixen of the award winning film and book ‘Out Of Africa”. The Kazuri Beads and Pottery centre workshop is just a stones-throw away from the Karen Blixen Museum

This craft centre started as a training place, intended to uplift the women from the poverty levels by being a place where single mothers could learn a marketable skill and achieve self-sufficiency.

Kazuri beads factory Nairobi

From humble beginnings, the workforce has grown to over 100. A free tour takes you into the various factory buildings, where you can observe the process from the moulding of raw clay to the glazing of the finished products.

It was created by an English expert known as lady Susan in 1975. It created several employment opportunities for struggling single mothers in the locality.

Kazuri is still located in its’ original setting in Karen, and the workshop now has over 340 local women who are employed, most of them still being single mothers.

Your travel to this area with Jewel Safaris is indirectly and directly impactful to the community as it pays few people’s tuition and other necessities.

A visit to the Kazuri Beads workshop and craft centre takes approximately one hour and while there you will see the various processes. A knowledgeable guide will show you around and you will see the whole process from the moulding of raw clay through to the glazing, decorating and threading of beads as finished products.

The salesroom is attractively laid out and a beautiful place to visit. This is the best and ideal place for guests who have just a few hours to spend in the Magical Kenya land seeing the sights of Nairobi.

Craft centre in Nairobi

Kazuri Beads and Pottery Centre products are so beautiful and moderately priced. They focus on producing brightly-coloured, hand-made ceramic jewellery which are sold all over the world.

Sales from Kazuri Beads and Pottery Centre literally supports hundreds of disadvantaged Kenyan women, by providing employment and healthcare services for them and their families.

Jewel Safaris always gives back to the community and we intend not to stop. In one way or the other, we visit these communities, workshops or women-based groups to support their good works. You can also join us on our next visit to Kazuri Beads and Pottery centre.

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