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Welcome to Jewel Safaris Africa – We are a Ugandan based tour operator, offering safaris to UgandaRwandaKenya & Tanzania. At Jewel safaris, we strive to ensure that every traveler gets the best adventure in Africa. Our custom and tailor-made safaris are organised to ensure that your stay in Africa is as memorable as can be. Our guides push their efforts to the limits to ensure that your Uganda safari, Rwanda safari or combined East Africa tour is remarkable, this is attributed to the fact that our guides are professional with many years of service.

Uganda and Rwanda are endowed with beautiful landscapes, wildlife and plant life which collectively offer many safari opportunities ranging from gorilla tourschimpanzee tours and other wildlife safaris, hiking and nature treks, white water rafting, kayaking, cycling safaris,  mountaineering and birding tours.

The most popular activity to do in Uganda and Rwanda is gorilla trekking, embarking Uganda gorilla tours or Rwanda gorilla tours can be a very rewarding experience especially since it takes between 2- 6 hours to track them, the mountain gorillas are enlisted as an endangered species which can currently be found only in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.   Below are some of the top safari offers

Popular Uganda Gorilla trekking tours; Short Uganda Gorilla Tours and Long Gorilla tours in Uganda

Bwindi forest national Park - Gorilla tours in Uganda

This 3 Day Uganda gorilla tour  offers the best short lived safaris in uganda having the a scenic drive to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Read more

Chimpanzee-Kibale Forest National Park tours in Uganda

This 3 Day Ngamba chimpanzee encounter  trip to Uganda focuses on a visit to the chimpanzee sanctuary at Ngamba island in lake Victoria. Read more

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park - Uganda Gorilla tours

This 4 Days Uganda gorilla safari takes you to most famous mountain Gorilla Park Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking. Read more

Uganda Gorilla tours

5 Days Gorilla & wildlife Uganda Safari, A 5 Day Uganda gorilla and wildlife adventure safari. Read More

Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

This 6 Days Uganda Gorilla trek and Wildlife safaris takes you to different national parks, starting with Murchison falls national park where you will. Read more