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Hot Air Balloon safaris in Uganda.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda : An experience never to be forgotten can be best found at the two prominent parks of Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park that was introduced by Dream balloon and Balloon tours ltd who got registration rights in 2011 Uganda balloon safaris are equally very amazing as enthralled hover the vast plains of the park and for those interested in this, kindly contact us at Jewel safaris Uganda and we shall include Hot air balloon safaris in your tour to blend up your memories the more.

Experiences on Hot air balloon affair

Hot Air Balloon safaris in Uganda.
Hot Air Balloon safaris in Uganda.

Silent and definitely the most favorable for viewing all kinds of animals be it shy or brave, small or big animal. Hot air balloon safaris offer the best scenery for catching up the hunt for any of the carnivores like the king of the jungle, leopard, and many others on the different altitudes without scaring it/ disturbing. There is no incidence of off-tracking which is the case with game drives. The one hour on this hot air safari avails sight platform to the features like; beautiful rift valley, the cute lakes of Edward and George, the Murchison falls, and many other surrounding attractions. The experience here is unbeatable. is just a step away to get your safari on a hot air balloon arranged.

There are severally frequently asked questions that include

Is there a minimum number of people to hot air balloon safari?

The response is NO!  There is no minimum number because as so long as you can cater for the Hot air balloon safaris costs, you’re good to set off. However, it has a maximum number of between 8-16 depending on the exact hot air balloon safari chosen. For further inquiries, inbox us at

Is hot air balloon safari in all Uganda’s game/national parks?

NO!  Hot air balloon safaris are only conducted out in two of Uganda national parks that are:Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park.

Hot Air Balloon safaris in Uganda.
Hot Air Balloon safaris in Uganda.

How much does a hot air balloon safari cost?

Hot air balloon safari costs USD 380.00 per person. This cost is inclusive of one full hour of the most adventurous views at a different altitude, the bush breakfast, and a cup of coffee or tea before it sets off.

What is the departure time/start off time for the hot air balloon?

This hot air balloon departs for the game scenic viewing at 5:30 am. Prior to setting off, the cup of coffee or tea is availed for all those that will be boarding as the technical team is finalizing the check. This will go for about 3-4 hours with a real moment of viewing taking only one hour. This hot air balloon safari is operated by experienced aviation experts that went through different aviation training both in Uganda and Egypt to a level of getting certificates so safety is guaranteed.  Depart at 5:30 am and likely to return at 9:00 am or 10:00 am.

How long is the experience on hot air balloon safaris?

The experience lasts for about 3-4 hours of endless fun on scenic viewing. However, this also depends on the weather conditions.

Are kids given discounts on hot air balloon safaris?

YES! Kids are discounted that is they get a 50% discount on the adult fee but this applies to kids up to 12 years from 6 yrs.

In case we booked and we fail to do hot air safaris, what happens?

Well under certain conditions, weather conditions may affect the scheduling of the hot air balloon safari and even prompts to cancel. However, if this happens, a refund is always done that is if your time of stay at the park of either Murchison falls national park or Queen Elizabeth national park is over but if you still have time to next day and the weather conditions favor, you will be okayed to do the hot air safari next day.

What is the minimum age allowed on the hot air safari?

The kids of only 6 years are allowed to board on the hot air safari simply because the hot air balloon can go as far as 10000 ft above and the kids below 6 years may not feel easy.

For any other inquiries about hot air balloon safaris, kindly contact us at Jewel Safaris Uganda at

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