Have you ever imagined the beautiful east African countries most known for wildlife can make the best Honeymoon places for the newly wedded? Well the odds have been broken and limitless places all over the region now are befitting for honey moon, very romantic serenity, the amazing views, the best beauty parlors and activities that ignite love to grow stronger and fonder and above all make the new couple or those in anniversaries feel more presence of one another so vitally. The East African countries talked here are the great “pearl of Africa” the “Magical Kenya,” the “Remarkable Rwanda” and the real Tanzania which all have Honeymoon places for no matter the length of the honeymoon period, just trust this region and mostly endeavor contacting an experienced tour operator to arrange it because the region may be good and instead the experience is blown off by the inexperienced team you choose to contract. We recommend you to choose the best destination, best tour operator and for the best honeymooners honey moon. We are ready to spark off your love ambiance with our most recommended and approved arrangements and plans. Please contact us at www.jewelsafaris.com and we are good to go. Happy anniversary or honeymoon.

From many of the love ambience’s best for your romantic moments, we chose a few of the following Honeymoon places summarized below:

Nairobi in Kenya

Honeymoon places Honeymoon places

Many cities are known for being chaotic, noisy from moving vehicles, running machines and other sorts of disturbances that deter honeymooners from doing their honeymoon in the city centers but try the capital of the magical Kenya. Kenyans are proud, east Africans and Africa as whole is so proud of this city for it is the  most buzzing city that boasts culinary options galore has great and an enviable arts and music scene, well stocked with plenty of high-end shopping. Nairobi city is for enjoyments exploration wise. This city has a national park at its backyard. Imagine being in your hotel room and you have a game view every morning? How beautiful it is and if you are interested in safari to blend up the cuddling, love sparks, we can add a short safari to Maasai Mara or Lake Naivasha for you to join the wildebeest’s movements with the partner too or do feeding giraffes at Giraffe Manor and cavorting with elephants. Please contact us and we fix this good moments and your honeymoon in the best Honeymoon places will be a story to tell grandkids not only the kids you will bear. Our inbox info@jewelsafaris.com is all yours and we explore this calm, praised and extraordinary city in East Africa.

Jinja in Uganda

Honeymoon places Lake Victoria - Honeymoon places

Best recognized as the adrenaline city of East Africa or the fun city I this destination chosen for you as the best spot for your honeymoon in Uganda. So after reading the names, expect fun not boredom while in this fun city. Imagine you telling home people that I had my honeymoon at the beginning point of the source of the Nile, this is the home to the second if not the leading longest river on earth so if you want the  adventurous types, look no further than Jinja, Uganda’s premier Nile River destination. Couples can go white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and bungee jumping, in addition to enjoying a lively party scene. Though Jinja possesses a bit of a backpacker vibe, honeymooners will find solace on the scenic river, taking in some of the region’s most spectacular sunsets over the Nile. Let’s talk on our inbox and we conclude by seeing you explore the fun city of East Africa with u at Jewel safaris Ltd.

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

Serengeti National Park - Honeymoon places Ngorongoro Crater - Honeymoon places

Located in Northern part of the main Tanzania, this is where the romantic Ngorongoro crater is found that avails you the best moments for you to cuddle with your hubby or wife while viewing the best wildlife scenic moments at the Serengeti national park. Take an imaginative glimpse of you holding “babein the best moments when any member of the big cuts or big 5 possibly lion ambush the wildebeest, watching together the wildebeests migration or a sighting of the elusive white rhinoceros. Your honeymoon here is well okay that you will have candlelit dinners, sunrise hot-air balloon rides, and walking safaris with park rangers are all availed to you just to make sure that you get the best of your love holiday. Please feel relaxed to inbox us at Jewel safaris ltd to take you to the best Honeymoon places.

Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi - Honeymoon places

This deep clean watered lake recommended for swimming, is one destination that can still fit in the best top 20 world Honeymoon places on earth and if you want to know, kind inbox us at Jewel safaris Ltd for the a short arranged safari to Uganda and explore then you will do the preaching after us, found at the western part of the country at the Uganda-Rwanda border, Lake Bunyonyi is best characterized by its layered hills, misty mornings, and colorful sunsets. Several islands on the lake have campsites and lodges, where you can spend your time on dug-out canoe trips, hikes, and casual Scrabble games on the porch. And to do gorilla trekking is just few minutes’ drive away and that can be a surprise to the lover. Yes! Tracking this giant gentle human relatives when she/ least expects its. Gorilla trekking goes for $600 only. Kindly contact us on our inbox info@jewelsafaris.com and the plans are activated instantly.

Magical Kenya’s Lamu Island

Honeymoon places

When it comes to beach life, the magical Kenya is ready to take your breath away, your thoughts and then bomber you with the best thrilling moments at any of its islands the islands. Located at the coast, with older architectural designs of structures, idyllic beaches with extensive resorts, luxurious town houses sighted all over the coast, honeymooners can spend their days exploring the town by foot with a distance for 2 minutes walked for 1 hour, all being romantic, relaxing on the beach showing off the good things that each one was gifted with the so called bikinis and so many other best skills to show swimming, after wards go for sand bathing or relax at the availed set up shades and also play sand games all these re arranged for you to share the best moments of your best early or marriage times during love holiday. Or for those on the any sort of anniversary and most interestingly don’t forget to eat the seafood. Also remember to do all crazy things here as to spark off your love and to strengthen the love more in these Honeymoon places.

Musanze in Rwanda

Honeymoon places Honeymoon places

The most classy, beautiful, gifted, well most endowed region in Rwanda and any traveler who has been to the remarkable Rwanda can give any honeymooner the grant on to have their honeymoon at Musanze. Forget the most popular this area is known for but this place can spark off, ignite, unscrew the hard nuts in the love you share with your partner and let it all out to you in exchange for yours too. With best scenic views to have sight on every day, the luxurious well positioned lodges on the Virunga mountains, and best panoramic views, the whole experience is so beautiful here. You can also do the gorilla trek safari and the best moments are overlapped. Can www.jewelsafaris.com help you to arrange this your honeymoon/ yes! Welcome to our inbox info@jewelsafaris.com and you will testify of our services.

Zanzibar in Tanzania

Honeymoon places Honeymoon places

Just a few minutes cruise out of Tanzania coats, its capital stone town can be accessed characterized by the narrow old fashioned roads. This is one of the best Honeymoon places characterized by white-sand beaches surround the island, this is the best place for having beaches life and its well-connected activities like boat, yacht cruise/ launch and several others.  Zanzibar is the best home to the best renown beaches like; Jambiani, Kendwa and many others. Come enjoy the sea food and many other beautiful. This is the best place we as www.jewelsafaris.com can recommend you for your best memorable cuddling and honeymoon thrilled epic holiday. If you feel the vibe and need to be here, inbox us at info@jewelsafaris.com. And we shall be privileged to take you there.

Mafia Island in Tanzania

Honeymoon places Honeymoon places

Beautiful place with dozens of activities that make it the moat sexier destination more for your honeymoon, with dotted accommodation facilities, beach swimming, sand beach all availing opportunities for you to show you’re your partner that you can the one that they have always dreamt to have and as well tell stories of how they enjoyed their love holiday. A romantic moment on yacht and boat. info@jewelsafaris.com and the whole plans to your befitting honeymoon package preparations begin. There are other Honeymoon places in East Africa best befitting for honeymoon but the best recommended ones by us at Jewel Safaris Ltd are those listed above. Feel welcome to our inbox info@jewelsafaris.com and we shall be honor to handle your inquiry and definitely more esteemed gratitude to plan for your biggest holiday in your lives. We are ready.