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Hell’s Gate national park

Hell’s Gate national park is located between Lake Naivasha, the Longonot and Suswa volcanoes. It is covered by ashes because of Longonot eruption back 100 years ago.

The park is famous for its gather mal station, lower Gorge and spectacular sceneries like the cliff volcanoes gorges geothermal steam. Hell’s Gate national park is named after a narrow break in the cliff once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed early humans in the Rift valley.

 It was established in 1984. It was named Hell’s gate by explorers Fisher and Thomson in 1883. Hell’s Gate is an ideal venue for a day trip from Nairobi where visitors can enjoy biking, rock climbing and a natural spa. The nearest city is Nakuru.

The size of Hells Gate national park is 25.23 sq. Park entrance fee to Hell’s Gate national park is 30 usd per adult and 20 usd per child. Hours of operation is 6am to 6pm daily. The park is only 56 miles from Nairobi sitting at an elevation of 6200 ft above sea level. 

Hells Gate National Park
Hells Gate National Park

Attractions in Hell’s Gate National Park

Wild Life 

There is a wide variety of animals in the national park and include Eland, Panthers Leo lion, buffalo, hartebeest, gazelles that are in small number, antelopes that are common in the grassy plains, leopards(panther pardus), hyena, baboons, wipspringer and rock hyrax both habit in rocky areas and cheetah(Acinonyx jubatus) these are rare but present. Serval and Thomson’s gazelle. 


there are more than 103 bird species. The birds live in the cliff as their home and nesting place. The different bird species include; Verreaux’s eagles, augur buzzard and swifts, Nyanza swift, Ripple’s griffon, rare lammergeyer vulture, Mattled swift among others since the list is long.

Cultural Encounter

The Maasai cultural encounter is done where the visitor can learn about the Masai tribe customs, tradition and all the related norms. This is an educational activity where the tourists learn more about the way of living of the unique Maasai customers and practices. 

Hell’s Gate National park is a pinnacle attraction of the park with Fischer’s tower and central tower serving an additional one. The park attracts visitors because of its abundant attractions. The park served as an inspiration for the Disney movie Lion King as well as the movie Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. The cradle of life. 

Crescent island;

Visitors can hike and explore the crescent island and Crater lake, the visitors can trek to the trails that follows along crater lake providing views of the lake and the surround landscape.

Mount Longonot is located in a national park of its own but there are trails that take you belong the base of Mount Longonot from within inside Hell’s Gate.

Fischer Tower 

It is the north Eastern border of Hell’s Gate national park, with a height of approximately 25 meters. It was named after a German explorer who was sent to find a route from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. Unfortunately, he and his crew was stopped by the hostile and territorial Maasai people who killed most of his crew people. 

Volcanic Plugs (towers)

The park is made up of hard igneous rocks that is Fischer’s tower, and central tower. It is found near the entrance it shares an attachment with the Masai people.

It is believed to have been formed as a result of a girl who looked behind to her father as she was heading to her husband’s home so she turned into a rock. It was a traditional custom not to look behind during that moment and yet she did. And now the rock is known as Fischer’s Tower.

Obsidian Cave

They are black glass like Obsidian rocks, they are as a result of rapid cooling of molten volcanic lava. They are an impressive feature situated to Elsa gate at the end of the buffalo circuit.

The cave is found on the Obsidian rock and you can reach it on a 2km track, you will notice glassy black rock characterized of rift valley lava flow. 

Lower Gorge (OI Njorowa)

It rises from the southern end of the main gorge with a large central lower the Gorge is characterized with water corded walls. It is famous for movie production for example Tomb Raider.


Game Drive 

The park is one of the most wonderful parks to visit however small in size it is. It has one of the must beautiful and diverse natural resources in Kenya.

It is a home to a variety of wildlife and it is covered by short savannah grasslands. While on a game drive you will be able to see. Thomson’s gazelle, spotted hyenas, antelopes, klipspringer, Olive baboon, impala. Wild dogs, stripped hyenas, black – backed jackal, serval, chandler and mountain reedbuck. You can drive on bikes.


This is referred in Hell’s Gate Park, it makes this park the only national park in Kenya that offers cycling experiences cycling activities.

It begins at the gate and you navigate all the way. This activity offers the best cycling experience. It guides you chance to get closer to animals and their natural habitats. 

Rock Climbing 

Since the park is made of many volcanic features such as cliff and towers, these facilitate rock climbing experience, this experience has made the park popular to rock climber from all from all over the world. 

Bird watching

The park has birds of different colors, different size and forms. The park has over 103 bird species. Birds in this park are easily spotted on the cliffs they are best spotted on the rainy season since it’s the nesting period.

Nature Walk

This is walks on foot as you visit numerous corners of the park as per your guide. You will visit Obsidian cave, Fischer’s tower, and central tower and May more which are amazing to look at. You will visit Obsidian cave, more which are amazing to look at.

You use air transport by using scheduled flights which get you from either Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport landing at Naivasha International Airport. You have you book to avoid delays and missing flights since they are scheduled and on high demand. 

You can use road transport by moving from Nairobi via Naivasha town on the lake road junction 5km south of Naivasha town. 

You can decide to add Hell’s Gate National park on your next travel bucket list and you have the best most and the best experience with friends. 

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