Giraffe Manor and Giraffe Centre Kenya

Kenya safaris are one of the top trips undertaken in Africa and this is surely because of the attractions and activities that tourists can undertake during their visits. The giraffe manor and giraffe center Kenya sometimes referred to as hotel with giraffes is a good spot to visit for safari. See the Rothschild Giraffe in their conservation area as well as enjoy a stay at a hotel where they come around expecting a treat.

Giraffe Centre Kenya

Giraffe Manor and Giraffe Centre Kenya

Giraffe Centre is the creation of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (A.F.E.W. Kenya), a Kenyan non-profit organization. Their main purpose is to educate Kenyan school children and youth on their country’s wildlife and environment, as well as give local and international visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with the world’s tallest species, the giraffe. In 1977 when Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty Leslie-Melville discovered the sad plight of the Rothschild Giraffe ( a giraffe subspecies found only in the grasslands of East Africa), they founded the Giraffe Centre. With their efforts, funds were raised, an education centre constructed and over 300 Rothschild Giraffes are safely breeding well in various Kenyan national parks.

The giraffe center is currently home to seven female and three male giraffes. Six of these were born at the Centre while four were translocated from different parks and nature conservancies across Kenya. By names the giraffes are, Betty (oldest at 17), Kelly –tallest of the females, Daisy IV, Stacey, Salma II, Margaret, Edd (the biggest and father to all the calves), Nandi (2 year calf to Stacey), Mpingo, Lilly, Olerai.

Giraffe Manor Kenya

The giraffe manor is just a minutes’ walk from the Centre offering the most unforgettable bucket-list breakfast in the world. Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel often referred to as one of the most instagrammed properties in the world. Giraffe manor is set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. The historic manor house has extraordinary appeal that harks back to 1930’s when visitors first flocked the continent for Africa safaris. The manor has stately façade, elegant interior, verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards, which guests often remark that it’s like walking into the film out of Africa.

With the historic and outstanding beauty, the most fascinating things about the Giraffe Manor is its resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes who may visit morning and evening, poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat, before retreating to their forest sanctuary.

The Giraffe Manor offers great services and some of them include free WIFI, full board accommodation, most drinks include (excluding champagne and exported wines), massage therapist on site and sightseeing vehicle available.

Activities that can be done at the Giraffe Manor and Giraffe Centre in Kenya is feeding the resident herd of endangered Rothschild’s giraffes, relax within the manor’s grounds or explore the leafy surrounding suburbs which offer several acclaimed local craft centres and some lovely boutiques.

The best time to visit the giraffe centre is all year round. However, Giraffe Manor closes in May for maintenance.

Visit the Giraffe Centre and stay at the Giraffe Manor for very memorable experiences any time of the year. Tours to see the giraffes are family friendly and can be a perfect place for a weekend getaway for families.

For short tours just about 30 minutes drive from Nairobi-Kenya’s capital, then the Giraffe Centre is a great place to visit these beautiful tall animals and a stay at the Giraffe Manor comes in handy. There are several other destinations for day tours in Kenya and these include the neighboring parks like Nairobi National Park, markets, museums and several other spots within Nairobi. For great wildlife experiences there are several national parks that can be visited in Kenya including Masai Mara Game Reserve where you can have a glimpse of the popular wildebeest migration, Amboseli National Park for the numerous elephants and Mount Kenya National Park for hiking.

For those interested in beach adventures, there are very many great destinations to visit including the very beautiful Diani, and inland beaches like Mombasa and Malindi or a lamu island tour. These come in very handy for honeymoon tourists who would want to relax on the chilly relaxing beaches.

Kenya is bordered by several East African countries that offer great wildlife and primate tracking experiences. Tanzania safaris are one of the most appreciated wildlife tours, Uganda gorilla safaris or Rwanda gorilla tours for both mountain gorillas and chimpanzee trekking trips.