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Game Drive Safari In Meru National Park

Game Drive Safari In Meru National Park

Meru National Park is located on the East side of Meru. Meru National Park was established as a park in 2005. Meru national park lies on 340square miles. Meru National Park is home to a large number of animal species such as the big 5 animals, Grey’s zebras, gerenuk, hartebeests, bush pigs, Beisa Oryx, cheetahs, lions, elephants, antelopes, and many more. While on a game drive in Meru national park, you can see different kinds of reptiles like pythons, puff adders cobras among others.

Meru national park is famous for having a large population of giraffes which you can’t find in other parts of Kenya.

Game viewing in Meru National Park
Game viewing in Meru National Park

Meru national park’s landscape is diverse having lush grasslands, riverine forests, and acacia woodlands.
The park is crossed by River Tana which is the longest river in Kenya and acts as a water
source for the wildlife in Meru national park. Meru National Park is the right choice for tourists who
hate crowded destinations since it is less crowded by people unlike Maasai Mara and Amboseli
National parks are very popular.
Game Drive safari is when tourists explore different parts seeing different kinds of wild animals in
the park on safari vehicles. You should use four-wheel safari vehicles for a game drive in Meru
national park since they provide more safari comfort and a clear view of the wildlife. This will give you a chance to take clear pictures of moments during the game drive in Meru national park.

Park entrance into Meru national park is 52usd per adult and 35usd for a child under 12 years old of age. Meru national park opens its gate at 6 am and closes at 6 pm daily.
Game Drive Safari in Meru National Park offers game drive options such as Morning game drive, evening game drive, and full-day game drive.
Morning Game drive in Meru National Park
The morning game drive starts as early as 6:30 am after having breakfast. The morning game drive is a great opportunity to see wildlife that is from hunting the whole night and now they are going back into their hiding places. In the morning time, you will be able to see the big cats such as lions, as they start their day. Different wildlife like moving around when the sun is down or when it is just going to rise and most of them are very active in the morning hours.

Afternoon/ Evening Game drive in Meru national park.
Afternoon/ evening game drives in Meru national park are best done after having lunch and meals at the camp/ lodge then you embark on the safari journey of exploring the wild animals. During the Afternoon game drive, you will be able to see wildlife that is not affected by sunshine and are not
shy at all such as the elephants. You will be able to see a lot of wild animals along the shore of the river Tana drinking water trying to quench their thirst.

The afternoon/Evening game drive in Meru National Park starts in the late afternoon time like around 3 pm-6 pm. This time is less favorable and less rewarding for game drives since most wildlife that is eye-catching are in shelter trying to hide away from direct sunshine as well as hiding from predators.

Night Game drive in Meru National Park
Night game drive is privately arranged by the lodge you are staying at. Night game drive in Meru national park gives you a chance to see nocturnal animals such as hyenas, genets, and bush babies among others. Night game drive is done under big guidance and protection offered by game rangers. Some of the rules to follow while on a night game drive include; not making noise while on the drive because you will distort their peace. Stay in the vehicle at all times.

Full Day drive in Meru National Park
Full-day drive in Meru national park starts early in the morning after breakfast. A full-day game drive
requests you to go with a packed launch since there will be no return to the lodge/campsite for
lunch meals. Full day drive is the most effective game drive since you take a whole day in the wild.
What to wear on a game drive in Meru National Park
You should wear loose but fitting clothes while going for a game drive in Meru national park. You
should also wear a T-shirt rather than a tight top. You should wear boots as your footwear.
Remember to carry a hat to cover your face from direct sunlight while on the game drive. You
should also carry sunglasses since the game drive involves facing the sun for long hours, especially
during a full-day game drive in Meru national park. You should carry yourself snacks since a game
drive takes long hours in the wild so the snacks will keep you company.
A game drive in Meru national park is an opportunity or you to explore the wild but also an
opportunity for you to immerse yourself in discovery, learning as well as appreciating what nature
has to offer.
If you would like to visit Kenya, Nairobi in particular please book a game drive at Meru National
park for a great adventure in the wildness.
When you are done with the game drive you can decide to do another activity like Cultural visits.
While on cultural visits you will be able to visit cultural sites which are nearby Kora National Reserve
and it will help you to be deep into the local culture and way of life of the Borana people.
Visiting local communities: there are many local communities surrounding Meru national park that
will offer you the traditional way of life and practices since they will organize for you activities
you will do with them such as milking cows, cooking traditional meals, as well as teaching you the customs and beliefs.
Ngare Ndere Cultural Village: the village is located within Meru national park and it is a home for
the Borana people. They teach visitors about culture and way of life. The Borana people show you
their traditional dance and songs.
Tharaka Cultural Museum: this museum is located near the town of Tharaka. The Tharaka cultural
museum is dedicated to preserving the culture and history line of the Tharaka people. While in the
museum you will see the traditional Tharaka crafts, music, dance, and displays of historical
While on your visit to Meru national park, you will experience both natural beauty mixed with
cultural experience.

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