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Game Drive in Aberdare National park

Game Drive in Aberdare National park. Aberdare National Park is located in central Kenya. Aberdare national park is a protected area located in the Aberdare Mountain Ranges, in the East of the African Rift Valley and between Nyandarua and Nyeri County close to Nyeri city.

Aberdare National Park
Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National park was established as a park in 1950. The park is 180 km away from Nairobi city. Aberdare National park contains V- shaped valleys, having streams, rivers, waterfalls, Moorland, bamboo forests as well as rain forests at the lower altitudes. 

When to do a game drive in Aberdare national park.

Game Drive in Aberdare National park is a safari adventure guided by experienced tour guides who know how to follow animal’s trails alongside armed rangers into the wilderness in an open roof vehicle to view wild animals while in their habitats.

It is very important to be guided by an experienced game ranger so as to protect you from any unforeseen attacks from predators. The tour guides be holding caller radios for easy communication on where to allocate different kinds of animals in large numbers which makes the game drive a very memorable one for tourists. 

The park has beautiful and diverse wildlife reserve that offers the tourist a unique experience in the wild for a game drive. Game drive in Aberdare National park is a great way to explore the park’s scenic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich biodiversity. 

Through the game drive in Aberdare National park is the best way to explore the different treasure of the park during a safari drive. Game drives in Aberdare National park are offered by lodges and camps.

Treetops Lodge offers tourists with a full day Moorland game drive. While on a full day game drive, you will have a chance to see bongos, the undulating hills, numerous waterfalls, the views of the mountain streams. 

The Salient offers both morning game drive in Aberdare national park and late afternoon game drives. You will have a 2-3 hour game drive that takes places in the Salient of the Aberdare National park. The afternoon game drive can last between 2-3 hours which is enough time to see the flora and fauna within the Aberdares.

In both the timings for the game drive, the experienced guides will be able to spot out the animals which will be in their hiding places. 

While on a Game Drive in Aberdare National park, animals are the major highlights for the game drive since tourists are able to spot the big five animals (lions, leopards, African elephants, black rhinos which are seen on the floodlit of waterholes of Treetops lodge at night.

Buffalos will be seen, you will also be able to see spotted hyenas, Columbus, the black-faced and Sykes monkeys and vervet monkeys. Olive baboons, elands, bush pigs, reedbuck. You will also have chance to see rare animal species like Bongo antelopes and the Giant forest hog, lions. 

You will see nocturnal animals when on a game drive in Aberdare national park such as large spotted genet and giant forest hog that often drink water at the water holes at night. Aberdare national park offers has breath-taking views, forest, rolling hills and the majestic peaks. All this makes the park a true picturesque making it some fantastic photo opportunities. 

What to carry for a Game Drive in Aberdare National park. 

While going for a game drive in Aberdare National park, you should carry loose but fitting long trousers such as cargo pants, you should carry t-shirts instead of tight tops. You can carry a camera with long lasting battery and good storage.

You should wear a hat to cover yourself from direct sunshine as well as sun glasses to keep your eyes away from direct sunshine. You should also wear boots as your foot wear. You can also carry yourself snacks to keep you along the whole game drive safari

How to Get to Aberdare National park for Game Drive

By Road; you can easily access Aberdare national park using tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru which is on the Eastern side. The driving distance from Nairobi city to the park is 150 kilo meters.   

By Air; you can book a charter flight from Wilson Airport to fly you to Mweiga Airstrip which is located on the opposite side from the headquarters of the park which is along Nyeri- Nyahururu road.

Best Time to go to this National park. 

Game drive in Aberdare National park is an all year round activity. However it is best to go for a game drive in the dry season since the road trails in the park are clearer and less slippery. The best months to do game drive in Aberdare national park is during June to September then December to February. 

The weather can sometimes be unpredictable due to its high elevation. You should dress in layers that are prepared for sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Apart from doing game drive in Aberdare National park, you can do other memorable activities including;

Bird watching;

Aberdare National park is a haven for bird lovers since it has over 300 bird species. These bird species include; Jackson’s Francolin, Turaco, Aberdare cisticola, African eagle, Sunbird, Sparrow hawk, African goshawk, plovers among other kinds of bird species.

Chimpanzee Trekking;

Aberdare National park offers chimpanzee trekking in OI Pajeta Conservancy. Chimpanzee trekking involves spotting endangered chimpanzees and it is done for 2 hours. 

Where to Stay on Aberdare National Park. 

The accommodation around Aberdare National park range from Luxury to Budget. They all have suitable in room amenities. Some of the facilities include;

Luxury Accommodation Facilities include; Treetops Lodge, The Ark

Mid- range Accommodation Facilities include; Aberdare Cottages, Fishing Lodge

Budget Accommodation Facilities include; Tusk Camp Banda, Sapper Hut and Campsites.

Remember that wildlife sightings are never guaranteed as animals roam freely in their natural habitat. However, Aberdare National Park‘s diverse ecosystem and abundance of wildlife make it a fantastic destination for a game drive, and you’re likely to have a memorable and enriching experience.

Always respect the animals and their environment by observing from a safe distance and following the guidelines set by the park authorities. 


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