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Cultural Sites in Uganda

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda : Uganda is very rich from the diverse culture of music, art handcrafts to strong cultural heritage with norms, rituals, and regalia. An unmatched couple of cultural sites split up in different regions of the country. Almost each and every tribe in Uganda has either a kingdom or chiefdom which has been the tradition ever since. Kingdoms and Chiefdoms were first abolished during the reign of several heads of state that have ruled Uganda not until the incumbent president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni revived the idea of Kingdoms in Uganda shortly after taking over power in 1986 and he revived the cultural heritages and thus gave different tribes opportunity to practice the cultures freely to thrill while on Uganda Cultural Safaris. The several of the cultural sites and villages  best known are;

 Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs - Cultural Sites Kasubi Tombs - Cultural Sites

These tombs are found in Kasubi after Mengo in Kampala city. The tombs are rich in the significant culture of the Buganda Kingdom and it’s a valued place in Buganda since it’s a burial ground for its kabakas or kings. 4 Kings of the Kingdom (Kabaka) were buried in it. Ever since a lot of respect has been paid to Kasubi Tombs. It’s also claimed that ancient Baganda rituals have been performed in this place for centuries of years. Besides holding the burial graves of four Kabakas, The tombs also hold various historical treasures and tools of the Buganda Kingdom.

Namugongo Shrine

This is not the only shrine in Uganda but culturally, the Namugongo martyrs shrine is so valuable to the people of Uganda and Africa at large. This is in relation to the Christian faith that the victims refused to denounce that saw them being burnt down by the then king of Buganda. It’s the most popular and most recognized cultural site in Uganda. It’s definitely a very important attraction in Uganda and is so far the most visited. This is the place where 22 catholic Christian converts. With touristic shrines that have been put up by the Roman Catholic Church Christians and the Church of Uganda in this place and every 3rd of June is not a usual day in Uganda since all streets leading to the shrines are packed to the no exchange of gases space.

Bigo bya Mugenyi

Bigo bya Mugenyi is situated in the Mubende district. It is mostly famous for holding the numerous earthwork and cultural values of the ancient Cwezi, the first Bachwezi people who lived in the area. With dusty roads, limited access to refreshment drinks points or supermarkets, the  place houses the treasures of the Bachwezi and is referred to as the abandoned treasure

Karambi Tombs

Karambi Tombs - Cultural Sites Karambi Tombs - Cultural Sites

The significance of these tombs to the people of Toro and Toro kingdom, in general, is unequaled The three Tooro Kings (Abakama), Kyebambe Kamurasi, Rukidi III, and Olumi Kaboyo II plus the other Toro Kingdom royals have their remains lying here with each king holding his own tomb. They are found in Fort portal along Fort Portal-Kasese Road. The royal regalia that was used by each of the three kings is kept in these tombs.

Mparo Tombs

Mparo Tombs -Cultural Sites Mparo Tombs -Cultural Sites

These are found in  Hoima District with rich history and most significant value to the Bunyoro Kingdom because they are burial grounds for kings of the Bunyoro Kingdom and its royals. One of the Bunyoro kingdom kings buried here is the Omukama Kabalega of the Bunyoro Kitara empire and many who know how great and powerful this gentleman was can tell a story better. And it’s one reason to visit this place with Many people visit Mparo Tombs to perform rituals and also honor or seek blessings from their fallen king, Omukama Kabalega.

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda : Itaaba Kyabanyoro

Itaaba Kyabanyoro is a very relevant traditional site in the history of the Ankole kingdom. This spot is exactly where the very last king of the great Bachwezi dynasty, Wamala modeled the sacred Bagyendanwa royal drum. The Bagyendanwa is one of the most important royal regalias in the Kingdom of Ankole up to today. Itaaba Kyabanyoro is situated just a few kilometers from Mbarara town, along the Mbarara – Kabale highway at a place called Kinoni Rwampara.

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda : Nakayima Tree

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda
Nakayima Tree -Cultural Sites
Nakayima Tree-Cultural Sites

Found in Mubende District, the Nakayima Tree is over 400 years old, one of the oldest and biggest trees in Uganda at the moment. Residents around the area say Nakayima Tree was planted by Nakayima, a wife to Nduhura king then. It is claimed that long ago, many people around the area used to walk uphill to Nakayima tree to get blessings. This tree is still looked at as a source of blessings with many still maintaining the tradition of seeking blessings from it

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda : Katereke Prison Ditch

Katereke Prison Ditch - cultural sites Katereke Prison Ditch - cultural sites

The Katereke Prison Ditch recites an era of a violent and brutal savagery time that was full of betrayal in the history of the Buganda Kingdom in conquest to prove superiority. It recites King Kalema, a king who imprisoned and slaughtered all his 30 brothers and sisters (princes and princesses) in the year 1888 for fear of dethroning him. Katereke Prison Ditch today is a tourist site that attracts many tourists. However, the surviving earthworks remind us of the savagery period when the destiny of the Buganda Kingdom wasn’t clear and predictable.

List of Historical Cultural Sites in Uganda : Ndere Troupe Cultural Center

Ndere Centre - Cultural site Ndere Centre - Cultural site

The name Ndere is derived from the Luganda noun “endere”, which means a flute. Ndere Troupe Cultural Center is located in Ntinda and probably one of those places you can enjoy traditional dancing and music, cuisines, and culture from most of the different tribes and cultures in Uganda and are all prepared in one place for your bestowed experiences while in Kampala. This place attracts a big number of tourists and it’s a place to be.

There are many other Cultural sites in Uganda like;

  • Baker’s Fort
  • Sezibwa Falls
  • Nkokonjeru Tombs
  • Wamala Tombs
  • Nnamasole Baagalayaze and Kanyange Tombs
  • Nyero Rock Paintings
  • Naggalabi- Buddo coronation site

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