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12 02, 2020

Lightening kills Four (4) Mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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Lightening kills gorillas with pregnant gorilla. With a sad note, East Africa mourns the tragic loss of the four mountain gorillas ’ species. They were struck down by lightening at the Uganda-Rwanda Border at Mgahinga gorilla national park. The endangered four mountain gorillas including pregnant female gorilla died after being struck by lightening” said one of the national park officials. When gorilla trackers went to see, the three females, including one that was pregnant, and an infant, they found them dead with “gross lesions” on their bodies. “It’s not something that happens often at all, it is a freak accident [...]

1 02, 2020

The pearl of Africa Tourism Expo 2020

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The pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE2020) One of the most anticipated and cannot be missed to attend expo. It takes place every year in Uganda “the pearl of Africa.” The pearl of Africa expo tourism expo is a must attend tourism expo. POATE2020 is ready! POATE 2020 is an awesome event giving you a brief crosscut to what Uganda, East Africa and Africa as whole gives to their clients. The pearl of Africa tourism expo brings together all the national, regional and international tourism stakeholders to showcase what they see to their tourists. POATE2020 is scheduled for early February [...]

23 10, 2019

New Born in Mubare gorilla family.

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New Gorilla in  Bwindi We saw! I mean the new born baby gorilla. Jewel safaris went there to take the infant’s clothings just like other new babies born but unfortunately they were rejected. Seems Businza doesn’t need them. You can also just visit her and console as well as congratulating a fellow madam. Feminine travellers where are you? Come and help fellow woman hehehe! Well great news is a new member has been to the Mountain gorillas’ families thus the statistical number has added by one. An infant carried by the mum Mubare, the oldest gorilla group to [...]

9 09, 2019

Save Murchison falls Uganda waterfalls.

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Save Murchison falls attraction in Murchison falls n.p Murchison falls National Park is incomplete without Murchison falls. Growing with elders mentored us a lot. They taught us what to give out and what to safeguard from harm.  This was so because that was ours and losing it had impacts. The same thing we learnt in childhood is what were are putting in place today. We need to save Murchison falls. view off Murchison falls The tourism stakeholders in Uganda championed by the private sector. The private body arms like Association of Uganda tour operators(AUTO), Uganda safari guides association [...]

20 08, 2019

Uganda wildlife authority visitor tariff reforms.

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Just like Jewel safaris, other stakeholders in tourism fraternity in the pearl of Africa-Uganda too received a notice from the body in charge of the parks in Uganda, Uganda wildlife authority in regards to conservation tariff reforms. The document that was issued and signed by the Executive Director, Sam Mwandha on 7th August 2019, elaborated tariff reforms on  key activities, introduction of more fun filled activities and all were effected for exploring as soon as possible. Taken by surprise, as usual we anticipated to receive the announcement publicly on 31/08/2019 when Uganda wildlife authority was being expected to unleash the [...]

20 08, 2019

The Rolex Festival 2019 highlights

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All went down at Lugogo cricket oval. Gates were wide open as early as 0800HRS. First early in the morning, the most anticipated 2019 edition of rolex festival happened on 18/08/2019 was blessed by an unusual little drizzle.  Many yearned and looked forward. They attended in huge numbers and they loved it.  The music, the drinks and the yummy rolex delicacy what a great combination that completed the event! Revelers being entertained by Ugandan artists Revelers being entertained by Ugandan artists The rolex delicacy makers were fully present. As excited as they were to serve, set with their equipment, their [...]