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27 11, 2019

Budget Congo Gorilla Trekking

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Budget Congo Gorilla Trekking Packages Budget Congo Gorilla Trekking Gorilla tours Congo in Democratic RC is another yet untold memorable experience in Congo. Get ready to tell a short but lengthy sweet story.  Congo is well-endowed with rich precious treasures of Africa. Gorilla tour Congo leads you to the unknown destination of wonders with spectacular moments.  Contact Jewel safaris today for details about Gorilla tours. Gorilla trekking tours Apart from Gorilla tours , Congo you can also visit Nyiragongo to spot the boiling magma.  Be able to view smoke oozing out to the top of  from the bottom.  Congo [...]

27 11, 2019

The Kenyan Archipelago coast.

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Kenya  holiday destinations. Kenyan coast is too hard not to love! The undisputed gem of the Kenya coast head archipelago is Lamu and her sister islands. Lamu town is the most perfect example of a historical Swahili city in the world. A warren of rounded houses, airy courtyards shaded by palm streets, cafes serving steaming chapattis and cups of milky tea. Lamu is also inhabited by women in rustling black full-length robes and men riding donkeys, all overlaid with an omnipresent smell of spice. Lamu is hard not to fall in love with because of its unrivaled designs and natural [...]

26 11, 2019

Kenya beyond safaris.

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Kenya safari tours Kenya safaris takes you to the most endowed country in the African continent. Best referred to us the home of champions. Incomparably, the land of the magical Kenya is the true home of the magic. Safaris with Jewel safaris to this paradise of memories has always given our clients a wave of experiences that they failed to quantify.You could be the next one to travel with us so don’t hesitate contacting us once you read this.   Kenya is another destination in East Africa for catching up thrilling experience based on the kind of spectacular attractions it [...]

26 11, 2019

Filming Tree Climbing lions in Uganda at Queen Elizabeth national park.

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Tree climbing Lions of Ishasha Filming tree climbing lions has helped create awareness of what Uganda has. Filming Tree climbing lions in Uganda is done in in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Ishasha sector.   Queen Elizabeth national park is the most visited game park by several travellers coming to Uganda for tourism thus completing the “the pearl of Africa” slogan that Sir Churchill referred Uganda to be. Where to spot tree climbing lions in East Africa Uganda. Tree climbing lions are found at Queen Elizabeth national park. They can only be spotted at the Ishasha sector [...]

22 11, 2019

Kihingami Wetlands Sanctuary

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About Kihingami Kihingami wetland sanctuary is located adjacent to one of the remarkable game parks in  Uganda. Kihingami wetland is another place to hag around interacting with wildlife after an encounter with the chimpanzees and other primates at the primates capital of  the pearl of Africa “Kibale national park.” Located 15kilometres east of Fort Portal, just before the Sebitoli section of Kibale National Park.  Everything about Kihingami wetland. Kihingami wetland the jewel to the communities around  in Fortportal town. Communities around devoted to preserve Kihingami wetland sanctuary to avoid it being cleared off for tea growing. You will appreciate their [...]

22 11, 2019

Ruaha National Park Tanzania

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Ruaha Tanzania safari information. Ruaha national park is a notable popular destination where the wild giants like elephants, buffaloes roam. This park is also full of varied magnificently captivating scenery. Ruaha national park is made up of rolling hills, large open plains, groves of skeletal baobabs the great Ruaha River and many others. It is from the Ruaha river that Ruaha national park attained its name from. Much of this topography is undulating plateaus averaging about 900m in height. Full of occasional rocky outcrops that  stand off baobabs. Mountains in the southern and western part of the park reach to [...]

22 11, 2019

Spotlight on Nairobi-Kenya.

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Nairobi safaris tourist information. Nairobi safaris take on is one way to recognize what this city is made of. Don’t be bored while in the Nairobi city of Kenya. Wonders will steal your breath away. Many travellers have quickly vilified Kenya's capital basing on false propaganda written and spoken about it. It is so unfortunate that it has been even awarded a nickname: 'Nai-robbery.'  Little did they know that there is something unique embedded it that is a stress therapy. You can only get the feel of Nairobi city when you dismiss the stereotype. Get ready to uncover the rich [...]

20 11, 2019

Maasai people of Kenya.

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Maasai tribe of Kenya facts Maasai tribe Kenya is a parade ground for the wild giants. Look no further hence forth for moving large quantities of animals. In southern, Central and Northern parts of Kenya not only will you find lions, giraffes, zebras and gazelles sharing the range-lands of the Great Rift Valley but also the Maasai people. History and lifestyle of the Maasai tribe. Times changes but the Maasai tribe Kenya people have stuck to their culture. These warrior-pastoralists continue to keep herds of cattle, sheep, and goats, perform age-old rites of passage, and live off the grid in [...]

20 11, 2019

Mombasa Carnival-Kenya’s mega street party

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Mombasa carnival 2020 updates. Mombasa carnival gave Mombasa a new identity from the old one. This port has been known to many as a boring, silent and trading port.  Apparently, every November Of each year, Mombasa carnival -Kenya's mega engaging festival is a face o0f the port ow welcomes and forces the party addicts, foodholics, ardent costumes lovers and good dances, the senior artists converge to share good time here every year.Gone are days when Mombasa used to be war filed between the Arabs and the Portuguese. History of Mombasa as a port. Historically, this is far known place for [...]

18 11, 2019

Hippo-hooray in Tanzania

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Hippos pack in Tanzania. Hippo-hooray in Tanzania is one place to spot a huge bloat of Hippos that may sum up all what East Africa has. Though Tanzania is popular as the land for the great giants, there are many reasons to make this a must visit destination on your safari. Want to see the giants like the elephants, lions, the hippos roam? Then look nowhere than the Land of Hakuna matata “Tanzania.” Book with Jewel safaris  safari to this beautiful huge country in East Africa.  We at Jewel safaris are ready to take you to any destination in East [...]