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20 11, 2019

Maasai people of Kenya.

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Maasai tribe of Kenya facts Maasai tribe Kenya is a parade ground for the wild giants. Look no further hence forth for moving large quantities of animals. In southern, Central and Northern parts of Kenya not only will you find lions, giraffes, zebras and gazelles sharing the range-lands of the Great Rift Valley but also the Maasai people. History and lifestyle of the Maasai tribe. Times changes but the Maasai tribe Kenya people have stuck to their culture. These warrior-pastoralists continue to keep herds of cattle, sheep, and goats, perform age-old rites of passage, and live off the grid in [...]

20 11, 2019

Mombasa Carnival-Kenya’s mega street party

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Mombasa carnival 2020 updates. Mombasa carnival gave Mombasa a new identity from the old one. This port has been known to many as a boring, silent and trading port.  Apparently, every November Of each year, Mombasa carnival -Kenya's mega engaging festival is a face o0f the port ow welcomes and forces the party addicts, foodholics, ardent costumes lovers and good dances, the senior artists converge to share good time here every year.Gone are days when Mombasa used to be war filed between the Arabs and the Portuguese. History of Mombasa as a port. Historically, this is far known place for [...]

18 11, 2019

Hippo-hooray in Tanzania

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Hippos pack in Tanzania. Hippo-hooray in Tanzania is one place to spot a huge bloat of Hippos that may sum up all what East Africa has. Though Tanzania is popular as the land for the great giants, there are many reasons to make this a must visit destination on your safari. Want to see the giants like the elephants, lions, the hippos roam? Then look nowhere than the Land of Hakuna matata “Tanzania.” Book with Jewel safaris  safari to this beautiful huge country in East Africa.  We at Jewel safaris are ready to take you to any destination in East [...]

18 11, 2019

Hiking in Tanzania

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What you should know about Tanzania Hiking tours? If your doctor has not yet ceased you from making some movements. And you really feel that you are so fit to go as high as many thousands meters above sea level, join us on one of many of our Tanzania hiking safaris.  Contact Jewel safaris today please.  In today’s hiking experience, we take you to a country crowned by the tallest free-standing volcano in the world, almost bisected by chains of ancient mountain ranges. This is generally where hiking takes on a high profile. Stunning scenery and rugged terrain combined with [...]

14 11, 2019

Boat cruise safaris in Uganda

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Boat cruise, Launch trips in Uganda Boat cruising safaris Uganda help to explain how rich and endowed the water-bodies are. Let’s go for a boat cruise on the pearl of Uganda. Uganda boat cruise safaris offer an authentic memorable experiences.  The true definition of “the pearl of Africa” can be explored in either way. The questions sampled here are: how much does a boat cruise in Uganda cost, where can we do a boat cruise in Uganda? Which type and kind of boats are predominantly used? All these will have answers in the next lines below. Extensively Uganda is a [...]

14 11, 2019

Historic Sites to visit in Lake Bunyonyi

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Lake Bunyonyi In Uganda safari guide. Lake Bunyonyi tour is a remarkably one of the safaris to south western Uganda that often is mistakenly assumed to be Nepal. The reach out of the ordinary travel destinations you have gone to. Lake Bunyonyi is a full and true package of what an adventurous safari should be like. Lake Bunyonyi tour to an ultimate definition of the true African island Eden is one worthy not amiss. The birds here did not go to any music studio or to a vocals training school but they can sing live music that will make you [...]

12 11, 2019

Bomas of Kenya/ Nairobi

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Bomas of Kenya Bomas Of Kenya at their cultural centre leave you with no option other than to fall in love with the Kenya cultures exhibited. Let’s go cultural in Nairobi city. This is the home to the continuity of tradition and culture all in one place. This is one stop cultural centre where cultural celebrations happily  in Kenya begin at. The readiness to celebrate every colour of magical Kenya Cultures for all visiting fun addicted tourists is expected by mere arrival at the centre premises. Just like the Ndere cultural centre of Kampala Uganda that gathered and exhibit majority [...]

12 11, 2019

Kisumu travel Kenya.

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Kisumu- Kenya Facts Kisumu is one of the busiest towns and counties in the western part of the magical Kenya. Founded in the early 1900s, today Kisumu is a quiet port town on the shores of Lake Victoria with wide streets and fine colonial architecture that are so peculiar to only this place. Kisumu was awarded City Status in 2001. Upon attaining the city status, it has  grown into an attractive urban centre. Today, Kisumu has several places like an excellent museum, one of Kenya’s largest open markets and excellent facilities for travellers. Kisumu city today This is a cute [...]

12 11, 2019

Empakaai Crater Tanzania

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Empakaai crater travel guide Empakaai crater may not be as popular as Ngorongoro but hiking down it a beautifully wonderful experience. Unimaginably, there are series of safaris that bring you to Tanzania but you end up being shadowed away from visiting here by already visited popular sites like Ngorongoro. Upon reading this, don't make another mistake of visiting Tanzania and fail to reach to this jewel which is less or untapped. Empakaai crater in the “Swahili paradise” of Tanzania land is secrets into remote forests and stunning tapestry of the great land of Hakuna matata. Beauty defends itself! This being [...]

11 11, 2019

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park- Tanzania safari.

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Kilimanjaro national park in Tanzania adventure guide. Kilimanjaro national park is a heavenly play ground for fun addicts. Fun and uniqueness exist when you visit this park.  Africa is stunning from sea to sky! Tanzania safari is superpower! You may boast for having visited the most beautifully stunning tourism destinations until you visit Tanzania's Kilimanjaro national park and proven wrong. This is a home of natural wonders! Dare to visit it today with Jewel safaris. Officially, the park was opened in 1977 and has become one of Tanzania’s most visited parks. Despite the minimal existant wildlife here, this isn’t a [...]