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Can Gorillas be Tamed?

Can Gorillas be Tamed?

Can Gorillas be Tamed? : Trying to tame a gorilla is a death trap! You can’t tame what you cannot instill fear into! Mountain gorillas have rare traits compared to other animals or mammals. You cannot scare the mountain gorilla. Once you attempted to scare a gorilla by picking up a stick threatening to whip it, instead of running away, it will run towards you for a battle. The war you waged may turn out to be hazardous and uneasy for you to end.

Mountain gorillas are very shy, humble, and friendly but we should not ignore the fact that these are wild animals and once their instincts kick in, a different story will be told by the witnesses. Even poachers who hunt mountain gorillas often use poison or snares to catch them. You cannot dare stand in front of the mountain gorilla when its violent wild instincts kick in. If this happens unexpectedly, do not attempt to confront the mountain gorilla by standing face to face with it because this can lead to a serious disaster or mortality. A mountain gorilla has one of the strongest bites, more powerful compared to that of a lion. Its strength is equivalent to that of more than 10 able-bodied men. Because of its strength, a mountain gorilla can easily bend metal bars to escape from its cage in the conservation area or captivity. There are a few brief instructions given concerning how best to conduct ourselves in the vicinity of mountain gorillas so as to avoid tempting the mountain gorillas from expressing and unleashing their wild nature.

Can Gorillas be Tamed?
Mountain Gorillas

Oh yes! They can become fierce and extremely dangerous but they rarely show these traits. Their friendly and soft nature should not be taken for granted by provoking them. 

However, mountain gorillas, in general, are soft, gentle, slothful, ecstatic, beautiful and no experience can be compared to the unimaginable encounter to see them playing with their infants, foraging, grooming, and several other beautiful displays of the daily life of mountain gorillas. During your visit to Bwindi to watch the mountain gorillas, keep your eyes wide open, camera and other photography and videos recording equipment fully charged so as not to miss any moments.

Come and get a lifetime experience encountering these gentle giants in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Book your gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda with Jewel Safaris. A visit to Uganda for any Ugandan safari without trekking the mountain gorillas makes your safari incomplete. Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

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