Budongo Forest Reserve Guide

Budongo Forest Reserve – On your visit to Murchison falls national park, expect a safari filled with life ecstatic moments. Murchison falls national park has more than what will thrill and beautify your stay in Uganda.

With variety of wildlife to see like the kings and queens of the jungle “the lions and lionesses”, the models of the wild “the giraffes”, the most powerful waterfalls, and the great primates of this region too, the man’s immediate jungle staying relative “the chimpanzees.” We explore the Budongo Forest Reserve home to some of the chimpanzee population in Uganda.

Situated in the conservation area of Murchison falls national park, this is one of the top leading mahogany tropical forests in the East African region. Endowed with several beautiful attractions, several vegetation types like swampy vegetation, riverine forest cover and many others and unequaled valuable fun-filled activities that will keep you refreshed whenever you visit this park. Just at the inner part of Murchison falls national park exists the richest greenish vegetative forest cover of Budongo forest reserve that stretches for 115 sq.km. This 115 kilometer expanse is a remote chunk of Budongo forest is one best isolation offering a safe haven for several wildlife like the Lions, Leopards as well as Buffaloes. The Budongo forest reserve gives you a joyful excitement every day’s early in the morning time as you set out to kick off with your Uganda safari.  There is an opportunity every Ugandan safari you take to Budongo forest reserve to find a number of the forest inhabitants licking salt by the forest glades. River Waiga offers refreshment to the various Uganda wildlife species within this forest.

Budongo Forest Reserve

This Budongo forest in amidst of the oldest and the largest national park in Uganda is a habitat to the most endangered Chimpanzees species. OH yes! You can track these chimpanzee primates here. There is more you can see here but the most profound ones are the primates that have the closest DNA with humans. Yes they are our relatives. The availability of the habituated chimpanzees here makes the chimpanzee trekking safaris and chimpanzee tracking tours the main cause of the travel here. However, there are more other activities to do here like bird watching, nature walks, the forest walks, wildlife and sightseeing, butterflies safaris and several others.

Budongo forest reserve is a den of touristic attractions that are well beautified to catch your eyesight and feed your soul. The remarkably mentioned attractions amongst many are the different tree species with several forest type like swamp vegetation, riverine and several others. There are over , the bird species: there are several bird species types that will make the birders feel at home like pitta reichenowi, Yellow-footed Flycatcher all bringing the recorded number of bird species present here to over 360 bird species that are increasing every year. This is the second profound favorite birding site for the birding enthusiasts. Budongo forest reserve is also the best point for butterflies watching with the butterfly species recorded to be 290 butterfly species. Other beautiful attractions here that will make your safari a remarkably remembered one are moths that have the 130 Moths species being recorded present here. Over 24 mammals nine of which are actually primates. These all and many others will make your Uganda safari so rewarding with endless memories that will keep your soul stress-free for more than many years.

Budongo forest reserve is surrounded by a number of rivers like Waisoke, Sonso, Bubwa and Wake. These rivers empty their waters into the Lake Albert. The greater part of this forest reserve is sheltered by tropical high-forest.

This is the best destination for short Uganda safari. This is part of the mighty Murchison falls national park Additional species that rank Budongo one of the finest bird watching destinations in East Africa include the Zoothers camaronensis, Ceratogymna fistulator, Neafrapus Cassini, Batis ituriensis, Smithornis rufolateralis, Sylvietta denti as well as Ixonotus guttatus.

These different species are as well seen in just a few additional forests within Uganda. Rare forest birds have recently several times been recorded within the forest and among these are the Pitta reichenowi as well as Parmoptila woodhouse. Within this forest, Bird watching is properly facilitated with a widespread properly maintained 115 kilometer truck system followed by the Jewel safaris knowledgeable and immensely well learnt bird watching guides that will give you all the details of the birds viewed. Though the number of chimpanzees are here at Budongo forest are nit as so numerous as at the primates capital Kibale forest national park, the same experience is attained once you come closer to these jungle relatives of humans. Let’s visit the Budongo forest and have an encounter with the several mammals and other wildlife species here. For more updates, visit the Jewel safaris inbox and we shall have it attended by a team of the dedicated people ever ready to help you with smiles on.

Blend up your Ugandans chimpanzee trekking safari by a spice up of gorilla trekking safari. Let your Ugandan safari get complete by doing gorilla trekking safari.