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Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel

Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Situated in the Western part of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s second-largest, most diverse, and popular conservation area first gazetted in 1952 as Kazinga National Park and two years later, renamed Queen Elizabeth National Park to commemorate the first visit by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. 

With over 95 mammal species, Queen Elizabeth National Park is also home to over 600 bird species and prides in varied ecosystems including savannah grasslands, leafy forests, lakes, and wetlands which attract the biggest variety of mammals in the country.

Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel
Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel

With an area coverage of over 1,978 square kilometers, Queen Elizabeth National Park straddles the equator, with two constructed monuments on both sides of the road where it crosses latitude 00. The park also offers a background view of the ragged snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel whose banks are coated with large schools of hippos, herds of buffaloes, and elephants, and spectacular scenery of multiple craters set into the undulating lush hills.  The boundless plains in the Southern sector of the park harbor the tree climbing lions lazily hanging out in the fig trees as they monitor the movement of their unsuspecting prey.  

In addition to its exceptional wildlife, Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts a charming cultural history where visitors can indulge in a variety of cultural activities including storytelling, dance, music, and much more.

Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth National Park are taken on the Kazinga Channel; a 40km stretch of water situated on the Mweya Peninsula and connecting Lake Edward in the West and Lake George in the East. The cruise on the channel which takes about 2 hours presents opportunities for both bird and game viewing known for hosting the highest concentration of hippos in the whole world. Other species seen on the banks during the cruise include buffalos, elephants, waterbucks, Nile crocodiles, and monitor lizards. Some of the water birds that may be spotted include; black-headed Gonolek, white-bellied cormorants, pelicans, and many others.

Boat cruise safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best time to do the boat cruise safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The afternoon hours yield good elephant sightings especially on hot days and bird lovers will see different bird species. The chances of seeing predators and nocturnal animals on the shores are highest in the late afternoon.

The boat cruise is a great experience that can be done any time of the year. However, the dry season is always the best time since animals gather at the lake shores for water.

How to book the boat cruise safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

When preparing a 6 days safaris to Queen Elizabeth National park which will include a boat cruise safari; you can book through the local tour operator or Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drive

The game drive is one of the ways to appreciate the rich wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park. The park is gifted with various animals’ elephants, leopards, lions, kobs, buffalos, warthogs, antelopes, and chimpanzees. After breakfast,  embark on a  morning game drive and view the lions, leopards from hunting prey. The best time to view is in the evening and morning. Evening drive game gives you an opportunity to see the beautiful sunset known as sundown and leopard preparing to go for hunting. Different types of cars can be recommended like 4X4 which can be a Van, small, or an extended land cruiser. Also, other cars can be used such as coasters for bigger groups, saloon cars. With a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will forever have memories in your mind.

Nature walk

Here you will go through different footpaths of Queen Elizabeth national park as you’re led by the local guides of the area. The walk-in Queen Elizabeth surely gives you a unique experience due to the clear observation of nature, wildlife, physical feature. You will closely see the wildlife grazing in the tall savannah grassland, for example, warthogs, elephants, kobs, waterbuck, Interact with different local community people have the view of the Rwenzori mountain which is commonly known as the mountains of the moon and the African tea leaves. As well you can have a walk at the Ishasha river spot different species of birds and mammals on foot.

With the authenticity of the African continent still intact in this park, Jewel Safaris Limited is always expectant to welcome you to the Pearl of Africa and help quench your travel thirst. We are ready to travel with you.

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