Zi lining adventure at Griffin falls, Mabira forest reserve.

Clear run ways with no traffic jam. An opportunity to share a sky with the birds. An incredible moment with great chances and possibilities to touch the tallest tree branches. Exciting right?  Zip lining is the best way and Mabira forest is the best place to kick start any Jinja safari.

This adventurous activity can be done at Griffin falls found at the most famous Mabira forest in Buikwe district. This is a few hours reach place with normal traffic jam flow on the major KampalaJinja highway.

The road drive will take about 2.5 hours to reach Lugazi then branch off the major highway from Lugazi driving through the sugarcane plantations. The drive through the plantations with hills seen at far, spectacular forest views the amazing land topography will keep you snapping with either your cameras or phone.

The sweet smiles ad bye waves and continual greetings from these hospitable locals around here, are just another opportunity to give you an insightful view ahead of the kind of experience you are headed to.

In about 45 minutes of drive from Lugazi on a bumpy slippery marrum road when rainy and dusty during dry season is so experiential, we shall be at Griffin falls.

zip lining zip lining

Upon reach to Griffin falls, we shall be briefed, dress on our gear and later embark on about 40 minutes nature walk up to the starting point. The nature walk will see you go through the thick forest through the trails cleared and you will interact with the nature in this forest.

Nature walk to the point of start.

Start of point the activity. The climbing at the starting point amidst ululations and inspirational comments from your colleagues and the guides will make you laugh, want to give up yet you continue up.

When you are finally ready to be glide off to the next point, you will forever tell kids and grand kids of how awesome and memorable that day was.

This is a game/ an activity for the bold, strong, fearless and the extreme fun hunters because at the end of the day, you will be the story teller. And sure your safety is so valuable and guaranteed.

This activity is so amazing and fun filled but what you wear can either limit of enable get the thrill to the full. we at Jewel safari recommend that you wear closed comfortable shoes, good fitting jeans and long shirts are too recommended too because the shorts trousers  and short sleeved shirts may not be so good since you will be moving through the weed filled forest that are both friendly and unfriendly to our skins.

Take care of the weeds we rub ourselves on while on nature walks. Any time we expect rain and the forest is ever cold so carry a sweater, jacket or rain coat for in case.

zip lining zip lining

The zip lining activity is costed at US$60 for the foreigners and Ugx 60,000 for the east Africans ad Ugandan nationals. Don’t miss zip lining because you will get the very best of it.

Other places in Uganda for zip lining.

Another points outside and within Kampala city offering zip lining activity include:  Busiika extreme adventure park,Jinja, Lake Bunyonyi, Entebbe and several others.  Zip lining is best activity for both the short time staying travelers and long time ones. Still at griffin falls, there are a lot of other activities to do here like bird watching, camping, nature walks and several others.

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