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Wildebeest migration happens between Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Serengeti National Park is found in Tanzanian and the park is so famous because of its annual Wildebeest Migration that are over 200 + millions and accompanied by over 250,000 zebras and gazelle. The wildebeest migrate from vast Serengeti plains to hilly Maasai Mara in a clockwise fashion and they move over 1,800 miles each year in search of lush vegetation and fresh waters.

Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration happens throughout the year, the Wildebeests migrate constantly while seeking for fresh green grass and water. The period of migration depends on rainfalls patterns each year, so the wildebeest migrate if the there are no rains so as to look for green pastures.

Wildebeest migration



The wildebeest are always in Serengeti national park around January moving from north-east region to south and to southern Serengeti, others to Ngorongoro conservation area and Ndutu. During January it is known as the calving season for the wildebeest, so the park always welcomes a lot of wobbly babies but still that is the time where there will be an increase of predators in the national park because the predators will take advantage of newly born wildebeest that cannot defend themselves.


Due to the good grazing in southern Serengeti, Ndutu and Ngorongoro conservation areas it gives the wildebeest high chance of remaining in the far south and February is the month to expect scenes of delight with newborns wildebeest getting into their feet. In case it rains in some parts of Serengeti still the wildebeest will not exist to migrate.


During March period wildebeest are still in the south of Serengeti national park and all the grass is munched up and there are last calves been born? At the moment when the grass is munched up the herd of wildebeest start gathering in preparation of the next move in search of lush vegetation.


The migration set off during April, if you want to move with the wildebeest make sure that you are on the southern Serengeti plains. The wildebeest begin their journey towards the north and gets when some wildebeest have already left and are already in the central or even in western Serengeti.


The wildebeest will be seen in the huge columns of up to 40km in length arriving into the central and western Serengeti.


The wildebeest stay at the central and western Serengeti for some time and at that point gets when the herds is planning and getting ready for the toughest part of the migration where they will have to cross Mara River and crocodiles will prey on them.


July is the month when the wildebeest are crossing the might Mara River and it is big event to the wildebeest. When the wildebeest arrival to western Serengeti and Grumenti Reserve where they have to cross the brown waters of River Mara and the lucky ones will cross other will be prey by the huge crocodiles.


After crossing the brown waters the survivors celebrate and continue with the journey to Maasai Mara in Kenya. For you to cross to Kenya you need passport and yellow fever card.


After arriving to Maasai Mara the herds divide themselves into smaller groups and half of the herds remain in the northern Serengeti and the ones who were able to cross will start swapping stories how other where not able to cross Grumeti.


During October you will camp in Maasai Mara to witness the migration and you will also be rewarded with view of more wildlife and know about the Maasai communities that have lived in Maasai Mara for thousands years. You will find number of tourists witness the migration of the wildlife.


The rains are expected in November and when the short rains begin, the wildebeest will be forced to leave Maasai Mara grasslands back to Serengeti National Park for fresh grass.


The wildebeest are back to Serengeti for fresh grass grazing in the north-eastern Serengeti around Lobo area and also spotted in southern Serengeti. The wildebeest will start calving again and it will invite huge number of predators who will prey on the calves. The cycle of the wildebeest life will begin over again and migration is done every year.

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